If your 4-digit number is not in "Asher's Online Reference" or "the Lottery book" it's not a 4-digit number.


Convert 4-Digit to a Vision

Use the Asher’s Online Reference or the Lottery Book to find a vision to your 4-digit number and the one you should have used.


Finding a 4-digit number 


Gut feelings allow you to select numbers from your environment. Asher’s Online Reference and the Lottery Book enable you to convert your visions or things you see, hear, touch, taste, smell, and sense through ESP in your surroundings to 4-digit numbers.  Using gut feelings aided by the ability to convert visions to 4-digit numbers is a more effective and powerful way to find winning numbers.

Use Asher’s Online Reference


Let’s suppose after undergoing a traumatic event you decided to buy a Cash 4 Evening lottery ticket in the state of Georgia. Prior to the drawing, you look up the word “traumatic” using Asher’s Online Reference to find the 4-digit numbers 3754. You spent $10 on lottery tickets with $1 on the 4-digit number 3764. Your gut feeling said to put the $10 on the number 3764, but after some thought, you bought one ticket with the number 3754 and won $5,000.

ASHER Online Reference
Lottery Results
traumatic 3754 Georgia Cash 4 Evening $5,000
hook up with 7061 Kentucky Pick 4 Evening $5,000
inspector 3319 Tennessee Cash 4 Evening $5,000

Visions from the book of ASHER

Vision to 4-Digit Number

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