Mega Millions Lottery

Joe, a hard working poultry worker, was a habitual lottery player, who had never won over $50 until his sister in-law, Belle, told him how she and her friends found winning lottery numbers. Being skeptical and hesitant, he tried her way and won big, Mega Millions.


Friday  September 20, 2019

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glimpses 9229 198



Evelyn's Online Lottery Reference

Mary after working nearly her whole life, yet not enough years to retire found herself in an adult foster care home. With few visits from relatives and friends, and a few dollars a month trickling in, she sat alone, wondering aloud how she’d find the money to buy a meal that she could eat and enjoy. A women sitting close told her about Evelyn’s Online Lottery Reference and how she used her dreams and visions to find winning lottery numbers.

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    3. Find the 4-digit/3-digit number

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Evelyn’s Numbers, a one of a kind lottery reference, distributed only by Onisac Numbers is a rare find.

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Evelyn’s Numbers, known as the “LOTTERY BOOK”, is one of the largest known references of its kind. The four-digit and three-digit numbers posted daily in Eve’s Vision are excerpts from Evelyn’s Numbers.

Evelyn’s Numbers compiled from Belle’s Notes and Belle’s Dream Diary has been used for decades by lottery, casino and racetrack players to find winning 3-digit and four digit numbers.

Evelyn’s Numbers is a composition of words that express events seen in dreams and visions converted to a 4-digit and a 3-digit number. 


Evelyn’s Numbers conversions for the words are:

CAR 4-digit (6084) 3-digit (526)
HOUSE 4-digit (5925) 3-digit (667)
MONEY 4-digit (8774) 3-digit (031)
BILLS 4-digit (3961) 3-digit (251)
HEALTH 4-digit (0558) 3-digit (978)
JOB 4-digit (2502) 3-digit (785)
BABY 4-digit (1533) 3-digit (692)
LOVE 4-digit (6860) 3-digit (539)
LUCK 4-digit (7263) 3-digit (845)
FAITH 4-digit (9133) 3-digit (993)













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