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Joe is a frequent buyer of lottery tickets. While traveling to work on a commuter train Joe not able to eat because of a canker sore picked up his newspaper. As he glanced through the newspaper’s headings, he came across the article “High treason at the Capitol”. He noticed a warrant was issued for an insurrectionist. When he got to work, he found that the Capitol had been stormed by a treasonous mob.


Using his cell phone, Joe pulled up the website “Onisac Numbers”. He clicked the tab “LB Glossary”, found the words most related to treasonous mob “high treason” linked to 4-digit number 6715. He bought six 1$ straight ticket 4-digit lottery tickets and six 1$ 4-digit box tickets.  Joe won over $30,000 US.


Joe wasn’t done.


Feeling lucky, he found the 4-digit numbers to the words, “canker” (0425) and “warrant” (3746) in the Lottery Book.  He manipulated the three 4-digit numbers, 6715, 0425, and 3746 to form the Mega Millions numbers 67, 15, 4, 25, 37, 46. The Mega Millions jackpot number was, 4, 25, 37, 46, 67, MB15. It paid 137 million us dollars.


Did Joe win the Mega Millions jackpot? He never told. Thousands of viewers have learned how Joe wins in the lottery, but only Joe and Mary talked about their win.

Find winning numbers like Joe and others 


Find things of interest in your surroundings or elsewhere. Express your findings in words. Use the Lottery Book or the online LB Glossary to find the word or words most related to the thing of interest that you found.  Use the 4-digit numbers linked to the word or words to buy lottery tickets.


On Tuesday Jun 08, 2021 while driving to the park with his friends Nicola and Kerry, Ed used his sunglasses to block out the brightness of the sun.


When they arrived at the park Ed jotted down the words, “block out”, “Nicola”, and “Kerry”. Using his Lottery Book Ed found the 4-digit numbers to these words.


    • 0922 (block out)
    • 3941 (Nicola)
    • 5419 (Kerry)


Ed combined the three 4-digit numbers (0922, 3941, and 5419) to get the string number 092239415419. Then he used the string number for his Mega Millions numbers.  


Win Like Ed!
Mega Millions Tuesday, June 08, 2021
Object of Interest 4-digit Number
block out 0922
Nicola 3941
Kerry 5419
Jackpot numbers 9, 22, 39, 41, 54, MB:19
Worth $56 Million

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