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Joe a frequent buyer of lottery tickets traveling to work on a commuter train could almost taste the fresh popcorn he smelled.  While reading his magazine he came across an article entitled “Haven’t won over $500”. As he began to read the article he heard the sound of an accident. He looked out of the window to see an accident that was so close he thought it was touching the train.


The article was about a building engineer that saw an accident. When Joe got to work he found someone at work had had an accident.  Using his cell phone, he pulled up the website “Onisac Numbers”, clicked the tab Onisac Club to search the online reference “Vision to Numbers” for the word ACCIDENT.  He found that the word accident had the 4-digit number 2517 and the 3-digit number 489. Joe bought six straight 4-digit lottery tickets and six boxed lottery tickets for the number 2517 and won over $30,000.


This story is TRUE except the winner's name has been changed because we don’t reveal the name of fans that win any amount on this website without permission.

Joe’s take from the article is there is no secret; gimmick; scheme or system known that could assure a winning number at the casino, in the lottery, or at the racetrack.  Joe learned his best way to find winning numbers is to use Onisac's online references to convert what he sees, feels, tastes, smells, hears to numbers, and let luck do the rest.


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