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Life's choices for most are automatic. Rarely is there enough time allowed in most games of chance to make a decision. This is why “4 Visions” is needed.  It’s strategically created to enable members to take advantage of gut feelings, their surroundings, and Asher's reference to prosper at the lottery, casino, and racetrack.




The word “vision” used in “4 Visions” means things seen, heard, felt, tasted, smelled, or sensed through ESP.  


Visions to Numbers


 “Visions to Numbers” is Onisac Numbers’ online reference used to convert a vision into a 4-digit number.


Number to Visions


“Number to Visions is Onisac Numbers’ online reference used to convert a 4-digit number into a vision.

Try this powerful method for finding clues to lottery Mega Millions, Powerball, Lotto 47, and Fantasy 5 Jackpot numbers using gut feelings, your surroundings, and Asher online reference.

Lottery Pools

Lottery pools are essential for members unable to purchase lottery tickets for any number of reasons at a lottery retailer’s machine. Since COVID-19 it is becoming the desired method of participating in lotteries, especially where lottery tickets can only be purchased at a retailer authorized to sell lottery tickets.  It's safer to join the Onisac Club's lottery pool and let us stand in line at the retailer than for you.



Lottery Retailers

 Members that are licensed lottery ticket retailers can purchase “the Lottery Book” at discount for reselling. They may also wish to take advantage of space allotted for advertising on this website and in the Lottery Book. 


The Lottery Book helps people purchasing lottery tickets at their retail store to improve their chances of finding winning numbers.  Those who purchase “the Lottery Book” become more confident in selecting winning lottery numbers. These customers are more apt to return to the retailer’s store.


Lottery ticket retailers selling “the Lottery Book” position themselves to increase lottery ticket sales and to ensure themselves in meeting their lottery ticket sales quotas.


Advertising in the Lottery Book and on the website Onisac Numbers are available to lottery retailers.

How “4 Visions” Work


The method “4 Visions” is based upon using intuition or gut feelings when first encountered with an unfamiliar situation that warrants a quick decision. The method is built around the 4-digit number used in state lottery games.  The 4-digit numbers were selected because players say it is their best chance at winning enough money to pay a house note, pay for a weekend trip, or school tuitions.


Start “4 Visions” by using your gut feelings to select something in your surroundings that have caught your attention.  It may be something that you see, hear, taste, touch, smell, or sense through extrasensory perception (ESP). 


If it is a number but not a 4-digit number then it must be converted to a 4-digit number by adding or subtracting numbers. 


If it is not a number then describe it in a word or word phrase of 40 characters or less then use the Lottery Book or Asher’s online reference to find its 4-digit number.

Asher's Online Reference

Take a look at “Asher Online Reference” below.  Notice the columns “Vision” and 4-Digit No. on the left side of the table.  The items in these columns are used to show how “4 Visions” is use to find winning numbers. 


Let’s suppose that you underwent a traumatic event.  You look up “traumatic” in Asher online reference and found the 4-digit number 3754. 


Also, let’s say something in your surroundings alerted you to the word phrase “hook up with” and the word “inspector”.  Asher’s online reference for the 4-digit number for “hook up with” is 7061 and for “inspector is 3310.

Note: The vision and the 4-digit number in the chart “Asher Online Reference”

ASHER Online Reference
Lottery Results
traumatic 3754 Georgia Cash 4 Evening $5,000
hook up with 7061 Kentucky Pick 4 Evening $5,000
inspector 3319 Tennessee Cash 4 Evening $5,000


How 4-digit numbers can be used to form a Mega Millions Number


Once you learn how to convert visions in your surroundings to 4-digit numbers you are ready to find Mega Millions, Powerball, Lotto 47, and Fantasy 5 numbers.

Let’s see how to find a Mega Millions jackpot number using “4 Vision”.


A.  Let Say on Friday, August 7, 2020, prior to the Mega Millions drawing your gut feelings led you to the words:

  • clothes brush
  • backward
  • Rachel


B.  Using Asher online reference (Visions to Numbers) or the Lottery Book you found the 4-digit numbers for each of these words.

  • 4-digit for clothes brush is 4445
  • 4-digit for backward is 3647
  • 4-digit for Rachel is 0344


C.  You combined the 4 digit numbers 4445, 3647, and 0344 to form the string number “444536470344”


D.  With a little manipulation, you formed the Mega Millions jackpot number “4-44-53-64-70-3


You came up with the "Mega Millions" numbers “4-44-53-64-70-MB3 by using

the 3 as mega ball number on Friday, August 7, 2020, drawing and won $22 million US dollars.

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Find Your Numbers Using 4 Visions

Select something from your surroundings.  If it is a number make it a 4-digit number by adding or subtracting numbers. If it is not a number express it in a word or word phrase of 40 characters or less then click on the image to find its 4-digit number.


Visions to Numbers

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