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Asher, Ventura, Madoc, Halona, and Laskshmi are paraphernalia used to convert surrounding objects to 4-digit/3-digit lottery numbers.


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Intelligence Exercises


Converting visions (objects in your surroundings) to numbers and numbers to visions are intelligence exercises that rely on alertness and intuitive reasoning.

Intelligence exercises depend on mental power and trusting your senses to find and convert visions in your surroundings to numbers or to find and convert visions to numbers as seen in the chart below “Numbers to Vision”.  

Join us in the pursuit of connecting to a million friends. Stay vigilant and take advantage of your surroundings.  Social interactions are important to obtaining things of value such as money, good health, long life, happiness, fame and wealth.


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NUMBER TO VISION   Saturday, Apr 04, 2020
Location Lottery game
Results Vision Paid
North Carolina Pick 4 Evening 3280 as far as possible $5000
Massachusetts Numbers Game Evening 6565 bootblack $6093
Oregon Pick 4 - 7:00 p.m. 2887 boarding card $5000
Texas Daily 4 Evening 4441 bubbled $5000
Michigan Daily 4 Evening 3763 bush babies $5000

Number to Vision-From US Lottery Results