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Why are this crowd of people gathered? Do they know something  about ON Glossy Visions that you need to know?

Do you feel left out of the American dream while the world changes?

America needs people that believe in the American way of life.  Open-minded Onisac Club members  that believe in facts, truth and sharing the American priciples are desired by  the Onisac Club and the majority of Americans.


Become an Onisac Club member take an active role in the ON Provider’s program.

Build your own business. Retirement age and loss of employment can be difficult even in America ifare young do not build your retirement nest egg now. Join the Onisac Club.

Become an ON Promoter“, generate wealth and live where ever s best for you and  your family. Become an ON Provider and let Onisac Club help you survive


Learn to covert Power Ball and Mega Millions jackpot numbers to ON Glossary Visions (English words)  you may be surprised that things you seen or heard prior to Power Ball or Mega Millions jackpot drawings were things you saw or heard before the drawing.  


Enpolrarn to used the 4-digit numbers in ON Glossary Visions to increase your chances to win a multi-million dollars  Power Ball or  Mega Millions jackpot. Use them to increase your mental perception, and intuitive awareness


Where there is no true vision, there is an uncontrolled mind.  We profit by having an aptitude for spirituality, and a clear sense of what is going on around us.   While searching for truths, our objective and devotion is to find answers of the mysteries in our lives.   

We view our efforts in overseeing the OC Promoters’ program, and asking for contributions to support the Vocational Institute of Michigan and the Society of Facility Engineers programs as social economic causes. 

Both organizations train and help certify building operators and maintenance workers needed to keep occupants and visitors of public and private buildings free from loss of life and limb due to building explosions and other hazards.

OC Membership

Onisac Club (The OC) membership is restricted to persons 17 years old and older.

The OC located in cyber space is:

  • open to those looking for people to bond with

  • where OC members quickly fit in

  • where OC Promoter leadership skills are built

  • an opportunity to win, earn and learn

  • a place for business networking

  • where OC members escape from daily routines and have fun

  • something to look forward to

Michigan Lottery Affiliation

We are not a lottery club even though we are a registered affiliate of Michigan Lottery.

As an affiliate we offer materials and lottery suggestions to help OC members that buy lottery tickets to improve their chances at winning.  

We purchase Michigan lottery tickets and place prizes won in our Shared Lottery Ticket Program where participating OC members can share in prizes.

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Donate Now

Help the Vocational Institute of Michigan facility engineer technician internship program keep buildings, public and private, safe and occupants free from loss of life and limb.  

An untrained and uncertified maintenance worker with a well-placed screwdriver can cause an explosion in a building you work in or happen to visit.

The Onisac LLC sponsor of the Onisac Club is a registered Michigan Lottery affiliate.