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Mary after working nearly 70 years sat alone all day in despair looking out the window of an adult foster care home located in one of the most violent cities in America. Not having enough to eat and not liking the care that she was receiving she felt depressed and helpless. With few visits from relatives and friends a year, and less than $40 a month from an anonymous person, Mary felt trapped. There was a lot about the place that Mary didn’t like but the most stressful was the few visits from relatives and friend and not having enough to eat.


One day as Mary sat in front of her window wondering aloud how she’d find the money to buy a meal that she could eat and enjoy a woman in the hall overheard her. She told Mary about the Onisac Club and how a friend using its second sight exercises just to past the time changed his life. He now lives in an upscale assisted living condo.


Mary barely able to afford the Onisac Club’s monthly fee joined, and began to use its second sight exercises. In less than 6 months Mary was living in an upscale assisted living condo with lots of visitors and plenty of food to eat and enjoy.


If you know someone like Mary tell them about her change in life.


Join the Onisac Club!


Your dues will give those trapped like Mary a chance to escape.



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The Onisac Club

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The Onisac Club is an exclusive organization for those who believe in second sense or sixth sense. It is an onsite social platform that can be accessed by cellular, desktop, laptop, or other internet connecting device.
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