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Find a 4-digit number for the lottery draw games like Michigan Daily 4, Arkansas Cash 4, Massachusetts Numbers Game, Puerto Rico Pega 4, Florida Pick 4, Connecticut Play 4, Rhode Island The Numbers, and New York Win 4.


Start by clicking on a letter A to Z to select a "vision"


Next use Asher's Online Reference or The Lottery Book to find the 4-digit number for your vision.


If none of the visions found from A to Z has the winning 4-digit lottery number drawn in any of the draw games mentioned above then the 4-digit number does not exist.





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The Onisac Club brings together those with interest in knowing how a method called 4-VISIONS, and Asher’s Online Reference or “The Lottery Book” are able to aid them in lottery games such as Michigan Daily 4 that has a payoff of $5,000.



The uniqueness of this method is in the use of the 4-digit number


Powerball and Mega Millions


Each “VISION” in Asher’s Online Reference or The Lottery Book is associated with its own 4-digits number. Finding and manipulating the 4-digit number of visions can lead to winning numbers for the Mega Millions and Powerball game.


Mega Millions


Friday, Sep 25, 2020: Mega Millions 20-36-37-48-67 MB16 worth $24 Million


 Asher’s Online Reference and “The Lottery Book” visions: aggravate (2036), underskirt (3748), and heir (6716


Tuesday, Sep 22, 2020: Mega Millions 36, 43, 44, 55, 68, MB:12 worth $22 Million.  


Asher’s Online Reference and “The Lottery Book” visions: cremate (3643), bad block (4455), and law student (6812).


Friday, Sep 18, 2020: Mega Millions 26, 29, 41, 52, 64, MB:11 worth $20 Million.


Asher’s Online Reference and “The Lottery Book” visions: incompetence (2629), worried (4152), and suspect (6411)


Tuesday, Sep 15, 2020: Mega Millions 25, 28, 38, 59, 62, MB: 22 worth $119 Million.


Asher’s Online Reference and “The Lottery Book” visions: orange juice (2528), socked (3859), and workspace (6222).


Friday, Sep 11, 2020: Mega Millions 3, 15, 42, 48, 56, MB:13worth $108.


Asher’s Online Reference and “The Lottery Book” visions: beltway (0315), Tennille (4248), and return (5613).


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ASHER Online Reference
Tuesday, Nov 24, 2020
Lottery Results
Usher 3423 MICHIGAN Daily 4 Midday $5,000
business leader 1444 MICHIGAN Daily 4 Evening $5,000
unsaddle 8917 Florida Pick 4 Evening $5,000
population 5226 Wisconsin Pick 4 $5,000
Remembrance Day 6657 Virginia Pick 4 Night $5,000
finite 1939 Delaware Play 4 Night $5,000
barge 9265 New Mexico Pick 4 Evening $5,500

Visions from the book of ASHER



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