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Onisac Club mailing address
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The Onisac Club

The Onisac Club (The OC), the concept of a US disabled veteran is a social club.

Membership is restricted to persons 17 years old and older.  We pride ourselves as being analytical thinkers having a sharp mind.  Often, we prefer to be alone and to abide by our own ideas and beliefs.

ON Glossary Visions empower us to use dreams and things we see and hear in our surroundings to uncover truths, increase our mental concentration, and intuitive perceptions.   


Put your trust in the hands of ON Glossary Visions

Where there is no true vision, there is an uncontrolled mind.  We profit by having an aptitude for spirituality, and a clear sense of what is going on around us.  While searching for truths, our objective and devotion is to find answers of the mysteries in our lives.   

Our global membership is open to those looking for people to bond with; a place to quickly fit in; leadership skills; win, earn and learn opportunities, business networking, or just something to look forward to, a means to escape daily routines and have fun.

The OC

The OC (Onisac Club) is not a lottery club even though we are part of Onisac L.L.C. that is registered as an affiliate of Michigan Lottery.

As an affiliate we offer materials and lottery suggestions to help OC members improve their chances at winning.  

We purchase Michigan lottery tickets and place prizes won in our Shared Lottery Ticket Program where participating OC members can join and share in prizes.

Community Support

Contributions received by the OC are used to support the Vocational Institute of Michigan (VIM) Facility Engineer Technician internships, and the Society of Facility Engineers (SOFES) memberships.  Both organizations, founded by a US disabled veteran help to keep the lives of occupants of buildings (public and private) safe. 

People entering buildings (public and privately owned) may not be aware that an untrained and uncertified maintenance worker with a well-placed screwdriver can cause building equipment to explode killing all occupants and those in the surrounding area.

building explosion caused by untrained and uncertified worker