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The best years of your life

The Best Years of Your LifeIf you are a US veteran the best years of your life were taken by the military. Whether you enlisted or were drafted you expected the military to support you in times of dire need of money, a safe home and full medical care, especially in your senior years.


The military do not tell you that if you were to be injured or contracted a sexually transmitted infections during active duty you will have to keep and preserve medical records as evidence of medical treatments for disability incurred during active duty to be eligible for financial compensation.

On Your Own

You may not have been informed that you will not receive medical treatment or a VA rating for financial support unless you were injured or contracted a disease during a war or while in a war time period recognized by US politicians.

Military Records

You may not have been told that you should keep your medical records in case of them being destroyed, lost, or omitted to conceal veterans’ medical evidence to decrease congressional military budgets.  Some veteran military records are kept secret from the public for 62 years while others are never released without a court order. Still others may never be retrieved.

Legal Advice

Some veterans will need legal advice and help to win their VA disability claims.  If you decide to retain legal support for a VA disability claim, some lawyers will not represent you until you have filed and were denied a VA disability rating for your injury or contracted disease. You may have fallen ill and not know it was because you drank contaminated water or were exposed to toxins during training.


Onisac Club VA Reserearch

Improve your chances of being awarded a VA disability rating by submitting a VA disability claim with a high chance of getting the VA disability compensation for your injury or contracted disease.

Respiratory and sexually transmitted infections are the most common causes of acute infections among soldiers and the most denied for a VA disability rating.

People of color, especially women are at a particularly high risk of developing a sexually transmitted infection or respiratory tract infection because of stressful duty, a harsh environment, and exposure to novel pathogens in disease-endemic areas during deployments.


Many are unaware that an injury or contracted disease may be service-connected because they do not have access to their military records.

Join us at the Onisac Club and learn how veterans other than those at Camp Lejeune are filing  and winning VA claims 50, 60 and 70 years after discharge from the US military. Most lawyers may not take the time to understand the facts of your service-related injury or contracted disease. Veterans are being denied a VA rating due to loss of their military records by the government’s failure to safeguard their military records.



The Onisac Club VA research program is not a VA-sponsored program. It is an independent VA evidence search club formed by a disabled Us veteran who has been awarded a VA disability rating for an injury that occurred over 60 years ago.

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