Asher's Online Reference & The Lottery Book Visions




A vision in Asher's online Reference and The Lottery Book is anything seen, touched, smelled, heard, tasted or sensed through extrasensory perception (ESP) expressed by a word or short word phrase of 40 characters or less.


4-Digit Number


Someone or something in your surroundings attracts your attention. Before you buy a ticket to lottery game that require a 4-digit number to win the jackpot such as Michigan Daily 4 check Asher's "A to Z" Visions. Find the closes vision then use Asher's Online Reference or The Lottery Book to get your 4-digit number.

T take-home tap wrench
tab take-in tape
Tabitha taken over tape player
table game taken with taping
table tennis take-no-prisoners taps
table work takeout tar
tablespoon takeout food target
table-tennis bat taker target area
tabooed taking into custody target range
tabulate taking-off tariff
tachometer talent agent tarnish
tack talent scout tart
tactful talk out of tartar sauce
tactician talk over Tasha
tail talk shop tasks
tailor's chalk talk through one's hat taste
tailpipe talkative taste buds
tainted talker tasteless
take talking point tasty
take a breath tally clerk Tatyana
take a hit tam taught
take aim tame taunts
take apart Tameka tavern
take arms Tamika tax benefit
take chances tamper tax bracket
take charge tandem cart tax break
take effect tandem system tax credit
take heart Tandy tax rate
take hold of Tang tax system
take into account tangle tax write-off
take leave tangle with tax-free
take office tangled taxicab
take orders tango taxpayer
take place tank Taylor
take the count tank top T-bone
take to heart tans T-bone steak
take turns Tanya teabag
take up tap tea cloth
take up arms tap out tea leaf
takedowns tap water tea trolley


tea wagon television show Terry
teach teller terry cloth
teacher temper terry towel
teaching temperature Tesla coil
team temperature reduction Tess
team play tempest test pattern
team spirit temple testifying
team teaching temporary worker testimonial
teapot tempt testing
tear ten pence testosterone
tear away ten penny nail Texan
tear duct ten thousand text
tear up Tenaska text edition
teardrop tender text editor
teargas tenderfeet Thad
tearoom tenderhearted Thanh
tea-saucer tenderize Thanksgiving
teasing tenderizer the least bit
teaspoon tendon of Achilles the right way
technical grade tenement house the whole way
technician ten-fold theater
ted Tennille theater director
teddy tennis coach theft
tee tennis lesson theist
teeth tennis player theorem
telecommunicate tenor Theresa
telecommunicating tense thermal barrier
tele-fax tensile strength thermal printer
tele-faxing tent thermocouple
telegraph tent flap thermodynamics
telegraph key tentative thick skin
telegraph pole tepee thicket
telegraph wire tequila thin air
telephone Teresina thin-bodied
telephone receiver terminate things
telescope sight terminating think back
televise termination thin-skinned
television camera terrace third degree
television equipment terrify third eye
television news terrorist third hand
third house thumb hole time of departure
third stomach thumbprint time of life
third trimester thumbs-down time off
third-place finish thump time out
third-rate thunderbolt time period
thirsty thundercloud time plan
thirteen thyroid gland time policy
thirties tiara time sharing
thirtieth tibia time signal
thirty-fourth ticked time study
thirty-ninth ticket booth timed
thirty-six ticket holder timelessness
thirty-sixth ticket line timeliness
thirty-three ticket stub timesaving
Thomas ticket-of-leave timetable
Thomas tickle timetable
thoroughbred tickled time-table
thoroughbred race ticks timing
thought tie Timmy
three tie bar Timothy
three hundred tie up Timpani
three-base hit tied up timpanist
three-cornered tiepin tin can
threefold Tierra tin ear
three-lane Tiffany tin pot
three-legged race tight tingle
three-port tight fitting tinker
threesome tight money tinker toy
thresholds tightening tinplate
thrill tightness tinsmith
thriller tightrope tiny
thriller tiller tip
throw away tilt tip of the iceberg
throw out of kilter time and a half tippy toe
throw together time and again tipsters
throw up time clock tirade
throwback time constant tire
thrust bearing time draft tire chain
thud time limit tired of
thumb index time note tiresome


tissue tongue towel
tit for tat Toni tower
title-holder tonic water township
titrate Tonya toxin
tits tooth and nail toy house
to a higher place tooth fairy toys
to a lesser extent toothbrush toyshop
to date toothpick tracer
to the highest degree top banana Tracie
toad top brass track event
toaster top dollar track record
tobacco top dressing tractor
tobacco plant top of the inning trade
toboggan cap top-drawer trade in
toddler toping trade name
toe top-level trade protection
toe box toppling trade route
toe dancing topspin trade wind
toehold Torah tradecraft
toenail torchbearer trader
toes Torre tradition
tog torture traditional
toggle Tory traffic
toggle joint Tory traffic light
toggling Toshiba traffic pattern
toilet tossup tragedy
toilet bowl total darkness trailed
toilet tissue total heat trailer
token economy totalitarian state trailer truck
toll agent totally train
toll bar touch train depot
toll call touch base trainee
toll collector touch off tram
tolling touch on tramp
tomb touch-tone tranquilizing
Tommie toupee transaction
tom-tom tout transcribe
tone tow car transcribed
tone of voice tow truck transducer
toneless Towanda transfer station


transformer trombone turn away
transfusion trooper turn cock
transition troopship turn of events
transmission tropical turn of the century
transplant trot turn on a dime
transported trough turn one's stomach
transsexual troupe turn signal
transverse trowel turn the tide
trap block Troy turn turtle
trapeze Troy pound turnaround
trash truck turncoat
trash can truck driver turnip
traumatic truck stop turnkey
traumatized Trudy turn-sick
travel agency true bill turnstone
travel back and forth true-false test turtle
traveler truelove tutors
traveling true-to-life TV audience
tread wheel trust deed TV newsman
treasonous trustful TV program
treasure truth-teller TV room
treble damage try square TV star
tree stump tsars tweet
treetop Tuan twelve
Trent tube twelve-step
trial-and-error tug of war twin cities
triangle tumble dry twin-engine
Tricia tumbled twitter
tricycle tumor two-Decker
trigger tune two-faced
trillion tune in two-fold
Trina tunnel two-part
Trinidad turbo charge Ty
triple jump turbo shaft type
triple play turbojet type A
tripod turf typecast
Trisha turkey stew typeface
Trisha turkey stuffing typesetting
trolley bus turkey trot typesetting machine
trolley line turn typewriter


typewriter carriage typing typist
typewriter paper typing paper Tyron