Asher's Online Reference & The Lottery Book Visions




A vision in Asher's online Reference and The Lottery Book is anything seen, touched, smelled, heard, tasted or sensed through extrasensory perception (ESP) expressed by a word or short word phrase of 40 characters or less.


4-Digit Number


Someone or something in your surroundings attracts your attention. Before you buy a ticket to lottery game that require a 4-digit number to win the jackpot such as Michigan Daily 4 check Asher's "A to Z" Visions. Find the closes vision then use Asher's Online Reference or The Lottery Book to get your 4-digit number.

S sales tax saucepot
saber salesroom saucy
sabers salmon sausage roll
Sabine Salome savant
sack salt shaker save up
sad sack saltshaker saving
saddle blanket salute saving grace
Sadie saluted savings bond
safe hold Salvador sawbuck
safe keepings salvage sawed off
safe sex Samantha sawing
safecracker Samara sawing machine
safeguard Samira sax
safeness Sammie saxhorn
safety arch Samuel saxophone
safety bicycle sanatorium saying
safety bike sanctifying scab
safety bolt sanctioned scale value
safety catch sand scalped
safety curtain sandbag scam
safety fuse sandblast scan
safety glass sandblasting scapegoat
safety harness sandbox scare
safety lock sander scare away
safety valve sandman scarecrow
sag Sandra scary
sailed sandspur scat
sailing boat sandwich scatter
sailing ship Sandy scattergun
sailor sanitary scent
sails sanitary condition scepter
saint Santa schedule
sake Santos schemer
salary cut sash school
salary increase sash cord school bell
sale work satisfy school bus
sales booth saturate school girlish
sales campaign saturation school maid
sales division Saturn school of music
sales representative Saturnine school term
school time screech second thought
school wide screen actor second-rate
school work screen door second-rater
school year screenplay second-sighted
schoolbook screenwriter second-story man
schoolfellow screw second-string
schooling screwy secret approval
schoolmarm scribe section
schoolmaster script section eight
schoolroom scriptwriter security blanket
school-teacher scroll security department
schoolyard scrubby security director
schooner scuba diving security intelligence
science sea bank security interest
scold sea port see eye to eye
scoot sea turtle see red
scorched-earth policy seafood seeding
score seafront seeker
scorekeeper seal off see-through
scorpion sealed records segregate
scotch seam segregating
scotch and soda sea-maid segregationist
Scotch terrier seaman seize
scot-free seaplane seize on
Scottish terrier search engine selector
Scotty search mission self-accused
scout searchlight self-acting
scrabble seashell self-centred
scram seasickness self-contain
scrambled egg season self-deceit
scratch seat self-defence
scratch card seaway self-destruction
scratch out secluded self-evidence
scratch pad second banana self-evident
scratch sheet second baseman self-examination
scratch work second chance self-feeder
scratchproof second fiddle self-governing
scrawny second hand self-help
scream second moment self-interest
screamer second sight self-loading
self-portrait set aside sharecropper
self-possessed set chisel shareholder
self-restraint set decoration sharp shoot
self-sacrificing set down sharp-eared
self-support set phrase sharp-eyed
self-sustaining set piece Shauna
sell setbacks shave
Selma Setsuko shaved
semantics settle down shaving
semester hour seven shaving cream
send severe Shawnee
send down sewage Shea
send on sewer sheared
senior sewer gas sheet metal
senior debt sewer line sheet of paper
senior moment sewing basket sheets
senor sewing needle Sheila
sense of humor sex Sheldon
sense of responsibility sex act shelf
sense of smell sex appeal shell game
sensor sex factor shellac wax
sentence sex offender Shelli
sentiment sex offense shelter
September sexual harassment Shelton
Serena shack shelve
Sergio shadow shelving
serial number shadow box shepherd dog
serial printer shag Sherbet
servant shake Sherry
serve well shake hands Sherwood
service shake up shin
service agency shaken shinbone
service call shakeup ship owner
service charge shampooed shipmate
service man Shana shipwreck
service staff Shane Shirley
service station Shank shirt maker
servicemen Shanna shirt waist
sesame seed share shirtfront
set ablaze share with others shocker
shocks show the door silent picture
shoe polish show up silicon valley
shoebox show-and-tell silk
shoemaker showboat silver
shoes showdown silver plate
shoetree shower silver solder
shoo showgirl silversmith
shook showing bad manners silverware
shoot a line showroom Simone
shoot down showstopper simple fraction
shooter shrewd simulate
shop floor shrink sin
shopkeeper shrink-wrap sincerely yours
shoplifter shun sing
shopper shut down sing along
shopping list shut out single bed
shopping mall shutoff single file
shore shutout single-breasted
shore patrol sick single-celled
shore station sick day single-issue
short iron sick pay singles bar
short line sick person sink
short sale Sid sink in
short sleep side by side sinker
short sleeve side effect sinking feeling
shortbread side pocket sister-in-law
shortchange side view sit
shortcut sidearm sit by
shortfall sideboard sit down
shorthair sidestep sit in
shorts sidewalk sit out
short-term memory Sidney sitting
shotgun sigh tread sixpence
shotgun marriage sign sixteen penny nail
shoulder sign off sixteenth note
shoulder bag signed sixty
shoulder blade significance size up
shoulders Sigrid sizzle
shouting Silas skating rink
show off silent person skeleton
skeleton key slave owner small town
ski slave trader smart
ski parka slaw smart as a whip
ski plane slayer smart-ass
ski run sleazy smash
ski touring sledge hammer smear
skid sleep in smear test
skilled workman sleep late smell
skillet sleeper cell smelt
skim back sleeping around smoke
skim off sleeping car smoke bomb
skin sleeps smokejumper
skin rash sleepwalk smokeless tobacco
skinny sleepy smokescreen
skinny-dipper sleepy head smoking car
skirt sliced smoking room
skit slicer smoky
skull slick down smudge
skunk slide action smuggle
skydiver slider snack counter
skydiving sliding snake eyes
skyrocketed slighted snake pit
skyscraper slip away snake venom
skyway slip by snakeskin
slab slip in snap at
slacker slip one's mind snap back
slam slipcover snatcher
slams slippage sneak
slander slope sneak out
slang sloping sneak up
slang expression sloppy Joe sniping
slanted slosh snob
slap slow lane snooped
slap on slowpoke snorted
slap together slugfest snow blindness
slash slugger snow flurry
slaughtered slum area snow job
slaughterer slump snow mobile
slave small arm snow plough
slave driver small talk snow shed
snow-covered song speak of the devil
snowfall Sophie speakeasy
snowfield sorceress speaker system
snowflake sore spear
snowshoe sore throat spearman
snuff out sorrow special act
so long sort special forces
soak soul food special handling
soap soulful specialty store
soap flakes sound effect speckle
soap opera sound off spectacular
soap pad sound system speech
soap powder soundproofing speech pattern
soapsuds soup kitchen speed
sob story source book speed freak
soccer south side speed limit
soccer ball southern speed up
social drinker southward speeded up
social welfare southwestern spell
social work sow one's wild oats spend
socked spa spend a penny
soda can space spender
sodbuster space heater spending money
soft space sickness spent
soft diet space vehicle sperm count
soft market spaceship spice
soft money spacewalk spice up
soft touch spacewalked spike
softball game spacewalker spill the beans
soft-boiled spaghetti and meatballs spin
soil spank spin drier
soil erosion spanked spinster
solar collector spanking spittoon
solar eclipse spar splice
solar year spare part splicer
sold-out spare time split
solicit spark advance spokes
somersault sparkle spokeswoman
son of a bitch sparkling sponge cake
Sondra sparkling water spook
spooked squirt stateside
spool squirt gun statesmen
spore squirting station-to-station
sport car stab status seeking
sport jacket Stacey statute
sporting life Stacie statutory law
sports stage stay
sports coat stage dancing stay together
sports fan stage direction stay-at-home
sports medicine stage name staying
sports page staircase steak knife
sports section stairway stealer
sportsmanlike stake stealing
spot check stale stealth bomber
spouse stalker steam fitting
spread-eagle stall steam heating
spreading stallion steam room
spreadsheet stamp album steam turbine
springboard stamp dealer steamboat
sprinkler stamp out steamer
spun stampede steamroller
sputter stampeded steamship
spy Stan steel plant
spy hole stand down steel production
spyware standing army steeple
squad standoff steeplejack
squadron standstill Stefan
squander Stanford Stefanie
square away staple stem
square deal stared step down
square mile stark stepfather
square off stark naked Stephanie
square up start Stephen
square yard starting time stepper
squeak stash away steps
squeaks stash house stereo system
squeal state Steve
squealer state college Stevie
squeeze stated stewed
squeeze out states stewing
stewing pan stop-and-go strikebreaker
stick stoplight string
stick around stopped up string section
stick figure storage locker stringed
stick out storage space strip
stick shift storefront stroked
stickball storehouse stroll
sticking out stork stroller
sticking point storm strong belief
stick-in-the-mud storm door strong drink
stickler stormed strongmen
stiff upper lip stormy strong-will
stiffen story line struggled
stiff-necked straight student residence
stiffness straight and narrow student teacher
still straight arrow studio apartment
stilt straight face studio couch
stimulant drug straight flute study hall
stingray straight man stumble
stink up straighten out stun gun
stinkpot straightened stung
stinky straight-from-the-shoulder stunt man
stir-crazy stranger stutter
stock dividend strangler subcontracted
stock trader strap subculture
stockbroker straw poll subdirectory
stockholder strawberry subjected
stockman strawberry jam sublease
stockpile stream line submerge
stoker streaming subspace
stomach flu street drug substitute
stomach pump street name substitution
stone street person subtract
Stone Age street urchin subway station
stone bearer street walk success
stonecutter streetcar suck out
stonehearted stretch mark sue
stonewalled stretch out suede
stooge stretched out sugar
stop over strike a note sugarcoat
suicide superstar sweatshop
suicide bombing supplied with sweep
suicide mission support column sweep under the rug
suite support payment sweepstake
suited support stocking sweet spot
summer camp supporter sweet talk
summer school supreme authority sweet talker
summit sure shot sweeten
sump pump surety bond swell
sun baked surf board swim
sun deck surface fire swimmer
sun down surfboard swimming
sun porch surge swimming pool
sun proof surge protector swimwear
sun shine surgical instrument swing over
sun struck surgical process swirl
sun visor surrounding switch
sunbonnet surveyor switchblade
sunburn surveyor's instrument switchboard
sundae Susana switched
Sunday Susanna switching
Sunday best Susannah switchmen
Sunday-go-to-meeting suspect swivel
sunk suspected swoon
sunlamp suspender sword dance
sunset sustaining sword dancing
sunshine swagger SWOT
sunstroke swamp fever Sylvia
sunstrokes swan dive sympathy
suntan swat syndicate
superego swear off syndrome
superfund swearing syringe
supernatural sweat duct syrup
supernatural being sweater system administrator
system operator