Asher's Online Reference & The Lottery Book Visions




A vision in Asher's online Reference and The Lottery Book is anything seen, touched, smelled, heard, tasted or sensed through extrasensory perception (ESP) expressed by a word or short word phrase of 40 characters or less.


4-Digit Number


Someone or something in your surroundings attracts your attention. Before you buy a ticket to lottery game that require a 4-digit number to win the jackpot such as Michigan Daily 4 check Asher's "A to Z" Visions. Find the closes vision then use Asher's Online Reference or The Lottery Book to get your 4-digit number.

P panda bear Parr
pacific ocean panhandle part
pack together panhandler partake in
package panicky partial denture
package bomb panic-stricken participant
packaged pant participated
packaging panther cat participating
packing panties participation
packinghouse pantsuit partition off
paddle pantyhose partner in crime
paddle wheel papa part-time
paddleball paper pass across
padlock paper clip pass judgment
page paper fastener pass out
pageant paper feed passages
pager paper tape passageway
pail paper towel passion
pain paperbacked passport
pain in the neck paperboy password
pain sensation paperwork past
pains par value paste
paint a picture parade pasted
paintball paradise pastime
paintbrush parallel bars pastor
painting parallel-park patch up
paintings parasol patent
pair paratrooper path
pair of pliers parcel path maker
pajamas parcel of land Patina
palace parent Patria
palette parity Patrice
pallet parity check Patricia
palm Sunday parking patrol car
palms Parkinson's disease patron
Pamela parks patronized
pamphleteer parkway patterns
pancake parliament Paul
pancake batter parlor Paulette
pancake landing parochial pause
panda parole board paved surface
pawn ticket penman pet food
pawnbroker's shop pennies pet sitting
pay Penny petition
pay envelope pennywhistle petrol
pay phone pennyworth petrol station
payback peon petty larceny
paycheck people pharaoh
paying back people mover pharmacist
payload people of color phase
payroll check pep pill Phil
payroll department pep rally phobia
peace of mind per year phone line
peace offering Percy phone message
peace treaty perfume phonebook
peak period phonograph
peaked perjure phony
peanut bar perked up phony
peanut butter perm photo
Pearle permanent press photocell
Pearling permit photocopy
peasants perpetual photoelectric cell
peat perpetual motion photographer
pecan perplex photographic
pedal pusher Perry Photostat
pedaled persist phototube
pedestal table persistent phrase
pedestrian bridge person Phuong
Pedro person to person Phyllis
peel personal physical
peen personal effect physical ability
peeping personal line of credit physical entity
peg leg personal loan physical fitness
pegboard personal relation physical restoration
Peggy personnel physical therapy
penalize personnel office physicist
pencil case perspiration physique
pencil lead perspire pianist
pencil pusher pertain piano
pending pester piano accordion
penlight pet piano maker
piano teacher pipefitting playing
pick up pirate flag playing area
pick-and-roll pirate ship playmaker
pickerel Pisa playoff game
picket pissed off playroom
picket line pistol plea
pickup pistol-whip plea bargain
pickup truck piston pleasure trip
picnic piston chamber pledge
picture pitch pipe pliers
picture frame pitched plot of land
picture puzzle pitchfork plough
picture tube pitching coach plough
piece of leather pitchman plough horse
piece of music pitfall plow
piece of paper pivot plum
piece of work place plumb
pieces place of business plumb level
pig Latin place of worship plumber
pigeon toes placebo effect plumber's snake
pigeons place-kicking plume
piggy bank plain clothes plundered
pigment plan of action plunk down
pigs' feet plan of attack pneumatic drill
pigtail plane pocket lighter
pile up planetary pocket money
pillar plans pocketbook
pillow plant pocketknives
pillow slip plaster poet
pills plastic poetic
pilot plastic explosive point
pilot burner plate point after touchdown
pimple plate glass point of view
pimpled play back point out
ping-pong ball play day point-and-click
pink salmon play down point-blank
pinwheel roll play off poison
pipe cutter playbook poker
pipe in players poker game
pipe vise playground polar bear
polar region pop the question powder keg
polarized population powdered milk
pole jump population commission power brake
pole jumper porcelain power company
pole vaulted pore power pack
polecat pork and beans power saw
police academy pork belly power station
police captain pork chop power unit
police car Porsche Powerball
police department port powerhouse
police dog portable practical joker
police headquarters portal practice
police investigation portion praises
police van possess pray
policed possession prayed
policewoman post card prayers
policy post office pre cooled
polish postal code preached
polish off postal service preacher man
polite postbag preexist
political arena poster prefabricate
political movement postings pregnant
political platform post-office box prepaid
political prisoner postpone prepare
political relation posture prescriptions
political system potato chip preseason
politicize potbelly stove presence of mind
poll potent present
pollute potholes present time
polluted potshot presentation
pollutes potty chair presentment
polygon poultry preside
polygraph poultry man president
ponytail pounce press down
Ponzi scheme pound of flesh pressure gauge
pooper-scooper pour pressure point
poor people pouring pre-teenager
poor rates pout pretzel
pop art poverty prevent
pop quiz poverty level price
price bracket profession pry bar
price cutting professional baseball prying
price fixing professional golf public access
price increase professional golfer public discussion
priceless profile public nuisance
pride profit public sale
primary care profit taker public servant
primary care physician programmer public speaking
primary health care project public toilet
prime projection public transit
prime mover projection booth public transport
prime rate projection screen public trust
prime time prolong publication
principal promise land publisher
print over promised publishing house
printer's ink promote puck
printing office promoter Pulitzer
printmaking promotion pull
Priscilla promotion pull a fast one on
prism proof pull ahead
prison propane pull down
prison guard propelled pull off
prisoner property owner pull through
prisoner of war proposal of marriage pull together
private investigator pros pull up short
privatize prosecuted pull wire
prize money prospector pulley
prize winner prostitute pulse
prizefighter prostitution pump
probation officer protect pumped up
probe protection punch
problem protective tariff punch card
problem solver protester punting
proceedings protesting pupil
process prove puppy love
proctor provide purchase
procure provost court purchase price
prodigy provost marshal purchaser
production line proxy fight purge
profanity prudence purport
purse push broom put off
purse push on put on the line
purse string push out put through
pursued pushback put together a
push put away putdown
push around put behind bars putout
push aside put forward putted