Asher's Online Reference & The Lottery Book Visions




A vision in Asher's online Reference and The Lottery Book is anything seen, touched, smelled, heard, tasted or sensed through extrasensory perception (ESP) expressed by a word or short word phrase of 40 characters or less.


4-Digit Number


Someone or something in your surroundings attracts your attention. Before you buy a ticket to lottery game that require a 4-digit number to win the jackpot such as Michigan Daily 4 check Asher's "A to Z" Visions. Find the closes vision then use Asher's Online Reference or The Lottery Book to get your 4-digit number.

O off-and-on on the face of it
oath off-duty on the go
obedient offend on the hook
obit offer on the rag
objective offered on the side
obligate office building on the table
obligation office staff on the way
oboe officer one
observation post off-line operation one at a time
observer off-season one-base hit
obsolete off-the-clock one-eared
obstacle race off-the-record one-half
obstinate oil one-hitter
obstruction of justice oil cartel one-on-one
obstructs oil change one-party
occupant Oil Company one-spot
occupation oil paint one-step
occupied oil rig one-track
occupies oilfield one-two punch
occupy oil-heater one-way mirror
occurred oiling one-winged
occurrence Okays one-woman
ocean bottom old boy network onion butter
ocean side old country on-key
ocean trip old lady onstage
Octavia old money on-the-job
October old-boy network on-the-spot
odd lot older open
oddballs Oliver open account
odds and ends Ollie open air
odds and evens Olympia open house
Odell Olympian open marriage
Odis omen open verdict
odor omit open-eyed
off duty on a regular basis opening
off guard on duty open-minded
off the cuff on it openness
off the hook on occasion opera
off the meter on request opera star
off year on the alert operate on
operating capital out of service outside door
Operation White Star out of whack outshine
operator out of work outside the box
opponent out placement outsider
opportunity out post outskirt
oppose out sail outsmart
optical out shoot outspoken
optical disc out smart outvoting
optical lens out speak outweigh
Oral out stare ovary
oral exam out weigh oven
oral presentation out-and-out oven baked
oral surgery outbid over bite
orange juice outbreak over book
orange rind outclassed over develop
orange soda outdoor sport over eat
oranges outdoors over fly
orchard outdoorsman over heating
orchestrate outer garment over lay
ordain outgrow over loop
orders outgun over rating
Oregon outing over watch
organ stop outlaw overabundance
organization chart outlook overall
organized crime outmaneuvered overarch
organized labor outmaneuvering overbear
organizing out-of-body experience overbid
organs out-of-bounds overboard
original out-of-breath overcast
originated out-of-pocket overcharged
ornery out-of-the-way overcome
orthodontics out-of-town overcompensated
orthodontist outpatient overconfident
orthopedic outplay overcooking
osprey outpost over-correct
out foxing output signal overdid
out number outrage overdosed
out of condition outrank overdraft
out of gear outscore overdraft credit
out of reach outscored overdress
overexert overpowered overspreading
overexposed overprint overstock
overgrow overprotection overstretch
overgrown overrates overstuff
overgrows overreach oversupply
overhang overreact oversupplying
overkill overreacted overtake
overlapping overridden overtaken
overlaying override overthrown
overload overriding overtime
overnight overripe overused
overpay overrule overwhelmed
overpayment overrun overwork
overplay oversees ownership
overpopulate overshadow oxcart
overpopulates overshooting oxen
overpopulating oversight oxidize
overpower oversleep oyster bar