Asher's Online Reference & The Lottery Book Visions




A vision in Asher's online Reference and The Lottery Book is anything seen, touched, smelled, heard, tasted or sensed through extrasensory perception (ESP) expressed by a word or short word phrase of 40 characters or less.


4-Digit Number


Someone or something in your surroundings attracts your attention. Before you buy a ticket to lottery game that require a 4-digit number to win the jackpot such as Michigan Daily 4 check Asher's "A to Z" Visions. Find the closes vision then use Asher's Online Reference or The Lottery Book to get your 4-digit number.

M maintaining mangle
Mable maintenance man mangled
macaroni and cheese major leaguer manhunt
macaroni salad major party maniac
machine-made major scale Manila paper
Mackenzie major surgery Manna
Mackie make a face manner
mad hatter make a point manometer
mad money make believe manpower
Made make happy mansion
Madelyn make over manual labor
Madge make up Manuel
madmen make whoopee Manuela
madwoman make-believe manufacturing business
Magalia make-ready manuscript
Magana Makita map maker
magazine Malcolm Mara
Maggie male child Marcela
magic male offspring Marceline
magic lantern male person Marcella
magic marker male practice Marcus
magic number malfeasance mare
magic spell malfunction Margaret
magic trick Malia Margareta
magnet malt Margaritas
magnet school malt liquor Marge
magnetic tape malt whiskey Margie
mail Malvinas margin of profit
mail boat man hour margin of safety
mail call man of means Margit
mail car man of the hour Margot
mail clerk man of the house Margret
mail order man servant Mari
mailbox manage Mariah
mail-order management Mariko
main office manager Marilee
Main Street Mandau Marilyn
mainsheet Mandy marine
mainstream man-eater Marion
maintained maneuver Marjory
mark up masters meddling
market day mastership media consultant
market research masturbation median value
market value mat mediate
markets matador mediator
Marlene match medical aid
Marlene match point medical building
Marlon matchboard medical care
marriage license matchbox medical checkup
marriage offer matching medical choice
marriage settlement matching funds medical examination
married man math medical procedure
Marshall mathematic medical student
mart Mathew Medicare
Martha Matilda meditates
Marti matinee meeting of minds
Marty mating meeting place
Marvell matter Meg
Marvels matter of course Mei
Mary matter of fact Melanie
Mary belle Matthew Melanin
Mary lee Mattie Melinda
Maryellen maturity Melisa
Marylou Maxwell Melissa
Marylyn Maynard melody
mashed Meagan melting
mashed potato meals-on-wheels melting pot
masked ball mealtime Melvin
mason mealy mouthed membership card
masquerade mean-spirited Memorial Day
masquerade ball measure up memories
masquerade party meat and potatoes memorize
mass action meat loaf menace
mass production meat pie men-at-arms
massacre meatballs menstrual flow
massage meat-eating menstruation
massage parlor meathead mental balance
mast mechanic mental case
master in business medal winner mental health
master plan medallion mental hygiene
mental illness military commission misconduct
mental state military leader miscount
mental test military personnel miscue
mentioned military plane misdirect
mentor military quarters misdirected
menus military training misdirecting
mercenary militia miser
merge milk misfire
merit milk shake misfortunate
mesmerized Millicent misfortune
mess hall milling machine misgiving
message Milton misguide
metal screw mimics misguides
meteor mina misguiding
meter maid mind reader mishandle
method mine misinform
Mexico mineral misinformed
mezzanine floor mineral oil misinterpret
Micah mingle misjudge
mice mini car misleading
Mickey mini sub misplace
microfilmed miniature mispronounced
mid afternoon miniature golf misrepresent
mid ship minicomputer mission
mid-Atlantic minister misspell
middle-aged man ministry misstatement
midfield mink missteps
mid-January minor key mistletoe
mid-November minor role mistook
midshipmen minor surgery misunderstanding
mid-sixties minority misunderstood
midterm minstrel show mix in
mid-thirties mint candy mix up
midway minute mixed drink
midwife miracle mixed-use
midwinter miracle man mixer
migraine miracle worker mixing faucet
Mike mirage mixture
mild-mannered Miranda mob
militarize mirrors mobile home
mobile phone morn moviemaking
mobster morning movies
moccasin moron moving company
mocking mortality rate mowing
moderate mortar fire Mozilla
modern jazz Morton muck up
Mohammad most unsuitable mud pie
moles most valuable player muddle
Mollie mother board mudslide
Molly mother's day mudslinger
mom mothers-in-law muffler
moment motion mugger
Mona motivate multiple
Monet motive mumps
money box motor municipal
money machine motor pool municipal note
money supply motorboat mural
moneygrubber motorcycle cop Murielle
moneymakers mound Murray
moneymaking mountain muscle
moneyman mountain bike muscle builder
Monika mountain climber muscle builder
Monique mountain peak muscle building
monitor mourn museum
monk mouse mushroom
monkey mouse button music stand
Monty mouthful music stool
moon move through musician
moonwalk movement mustache
mope moves mustard seed
morale booster movie muster
morale builder movie maker mutate
morale building movie projector mystery
mystery novel