Asher's Online Reference & The Lottery Book Visions




A vision in Asher's online Reference and The Lottery Book is anything seen, touched, smelled, heard, tasted or sensed through extrasensory perception (ESP) expressed by a word or short word phrase of 40 characters or less.


4-Digit Number


Someone or something in your surroundings attracts your attention. Before you buy a ticket to lottery game that require a 4-digit number to win the jackpot such as Michigan Daily 4 check Asher's "A to Z" Visions. Find the closes vision then use Asher's Online Reference or The Lottery Book to get your 4-digit number.

H handpick hash mark
habilitating hands down hash over
habit handstand Hassle
habitat hang hat
hack saw hang around hat check
hail hang by a hair hatch
hair care hang by a thread hatched
hair dryer hang up hatchet
hair weaving hanger hatred
hair weavings hanging haul
hairdresser hangmen haunch
hairstylist hangout have a go
Hal hangover have a good time
half a dozen Hanna have a look
half door harass have in mind
half page hard candy have sex
half pound hard knocks have the best
half sister hard labor have words
half-breed hard news hay loft
halfcocked hard rock hay maker
half-truth hard sell hay ride
half-wit hard surface hay stack
halted hard time hayloft
hamburger hard to please haymaker
hammered hard up hazard light
hand hard ware head ache
hand cream hardcore Head butt
hand shovel hard-handed head gasket
hand towel hardhead head linesman
hand wash hard-hit head nurse
handbag hard-line head of hair
handball hard-of-hearing head over heels
handbill hardship head start
handcraft hardtop headband
handheld hark headlamp
handhold harm headlights
handholding harmed headline
handicap harmonizing headlock
handling charge harmony headman
hand-operated Harvey headphone
headpiece heisting high-velocity
headpiece Helen high-water mark
headroom hell raising highway
headship hell-bent highway patrol
headsmen help oneself highway system
heal helpdesk hijacking
healer helper hilarious
health care helpless Hilde
health hazard hen him
heap Henrietta hip
hear Henry hip pocket
hear out herbal medicine hired hand
hearing aid herd Hirohito
hearing disorder hero hiss
hearsay heron historical record
heart Herschel hit
heart attack Hershel hit man
heart struck hibernate hit the books
heartbreaker hick hit the jackpot
heartbroken hidden truth hit-and-miss
hearten hide and go seek hitting
heartsick hideaway hitting average
heartthrobs hides hobble
heart-to-heart high frequency hobnob
heat exchanger high noon hock
heat rash high place hockey coach
heat stroke high sea hockey player
heat up high spot hog
heat wave high status hog heaven
heater high stepper hogshead
heavy hitter high treason hog-tie
heavy water high up hogwash
hedge high wire hold close
hedge fund high-end holding pen
Hedwig high-energy holdings
heed higher education holdout
Heidi highjack hole
heir highlight hole in the ground
heist high-spirited hole-in-the-wall
heisted hightail holler out
Holley hors d'oeuvre housetrained
hollow out horse around Houston
Holly horse doctor hover
holy man horse trade hovercraft
home horseback riding howled
home boy horseflies Hoyt
home folk horseplay hub
home invasion horse-trading huckster
home key hospital huddle
home-bound hospital attendant Huey
homebred hospital room hug
home-dwelling hospitalize huge
homeless hosts hugged
homeless person hot flash hugger
home-schooled hot issue hugging
homeward hot pad hullabaloo
homework hot pants human
homicidal hot pepper human body
homosexual hot tub human nature
honey hot under the collar humanity
honk hot water humanoid
honor hotel humid
honor system hotel detective humidify
hoodwink hotel manager humiliation
hoof it hotfoot humming
hoofing hothouse humor
hook on hotplate hunchback
hook shot hotpot hung
hook up with hotspot hunger march
hooky hound hung-over
hoop hound dog hunker down
hooped house call hunky-dory
hope house cat hunter
hopeless house of cards hunting
hops house party hunting knife
hordes house work hunting permit
hornet housebroken hunting season
horny housecoat huntsmen
horrifying housemother hurdle
horror show houseplant hushpuppies
husky hydraulic pump hyped
hussies hydraulics hyperthermia
hustles hydro-electric hypnotic
hydraulic brake hype up hypocrite
hypodermic needle