Asher's Online Reference & The Lottery Book Visions




A vision in Asher's online Reference and The Lottery Book is anything seen, touched, smelled, heard, tasted or sensed through extrasensory perception (ESP) expressed by a word or short word phrase of 40 characters or less.


4-Digit Number


Someone or something in your surroundings attracts your attention. Before you buy a ticket to lottery game that require a 4-digit number to win the jackpot such as Michigan Daily 4 check Asher's "A to Z" Visions. Find the closes vision then use Asher's Online Reference or The Lottery Book to get your 4-digit number.

C callbox cancel
cab call down cancer
cab fare call forth Candia
cabaret call forwarding candidate
cabbage call girl candle
cabby call in candle stick
cabin call it a day cane
cabin boy call it quits canister
cabin cruiser call off canker sore
cabin fever call on canned foods
cabin liner call on the carpet canned goods
cabinet call one's bluff cannonball
cabins call out canoe
cable call the shots canvas
cable box call the shots canyon
cable box call to order caper
cable car call up capital loss
cable car call waiting capsized
cable railway call-back captain
cable system called for captain's mast
cable television caller caption
cable television service caller-out capture
cable-ready calling card car
cacao calling into question car loan
cacao butter calling together car port
cache calls carbon
cad Calvary card shark
caddy cam cardholder
cadet camelhair cardiac arrest
cadre camera cards
Caesar salad camera-ready care
caesarian section Camilla care for
cafe camp career
café latte camper caretaker
cage camping site Carina
cage in can Carla
cakewalk can of worms Carline
calendar Canada carload
call canary Carlos
call back canary cage Carlota


car-mechanic catcall cereal bowl
Carmen catch a breathe Cerise
Carnival catch a wink certified mail
Carol catch cold cesspool
Carolyn catch up with Chad
carpal tunnel category Chadwick
carpet Catherin chain fence
carpet sweeper Catherine chain letter
carrier bag catholic chain saw
Carroll cat's eye chair
carrot cattle chalk
carrot juice cattlemen champion
carry catty chance
carry off caught chance event
carry on caught up change of heart
carry out cause to sleep change of mind
carry out cavalry change of shape
carryall cave change over
cartridge cave in change owner
cartwheel cavern change state
casework cavity channel
cash card CD player chant
cash discount celebrate Chanted
cash in celery stick chaos
cash register celestial character
cashbox cell character assassination
casing cello charcoal
casket cellular telephone charge unit
cassette tape cement charity
Cassia censor charlatan
Cassidy censors Charlene
Cassimere cent Charles
cast center on Charlie
cast iron centerfield Charlotte
cast off centerfold charm
castles central charmed life
castor oil Central Park Chas
castrate century chase away
cat food ceramic chaser
cat scan cereal chat room


chauffer chicken soup chop-chop
chauffeuring chief executive chopping block
Chauncey child chopping board
cheapskate child care chopstick
cheapskates child labor chords
cheat child neglect chow
check out child pornography chow line
check over child prodigy Chris
check up on child support Christen
checkbook children christening
checker child's play Christian
checkerboard chili Christiana
checklist chili sauce Christie
checkout counter chill out Christine
checkout line chime Christmas carol
checkpoint chimes Christmas tree
checkup chimney Christopher
cheddar chimp Christy
cheers chin chubby
cheese chinch bug chuckhole
cheeseburger chip chummy
cheesecake Chiquita chump
cheesy chirp church
Cheetah chit chat church bench
Chelsea chitlins church member
chemical reaction choice cider
chemist choice of words Ciera
Cher choir school cigar
cherish choirboy cigar lighter
Cherri choirgirl cigarette
cherry choke cigarettes
Cheryl choke back cinder
chess game choke hold cinematic
chess player chokes cinnamon bread
chess set chomp cinnamon bun
chest choose circle
chew the fat choose up circuit
chicken feed chop shop circular saw
chicken hawk chop steak circulation
chicken leg chop up circumcision


circumstance classroom cloak
citation classy clobber
cite Claude clock
citied Claudette clock out
citizen Claudine clockmaker
citizenship claw hammer clodhopper
city clawed clog
city council clay clone
city desk clay pigeon close
city hall clean and jerk close at hand
city line clean bill of health close down
city slicker clean slate close off
city-born clean up close order
city-bred cleaned close relationship
civic duty cleaner close to
civic responsibility cleaning lady close together
civil cleaning woman closed loop
civil law cleanse yourself closed-loop system
civil officer cleanser close-fitting
civil rights cleanser close-minded
civil servant clear and present danger closeness
civilian clothing clearance sale closer
civilian dress cleft foot closet
civilize clement close-up
claim agent clench closing
Clair Cleo closing time
clam up clergy clot buster
clamant clergymen clothes
Clammy clergywoman clothes brush
clansman Cletus clothes dryer
clanswoman click open clothes hamper
clanswomen clicking clothing
clarinet climate cloud up
clasp climax clown
class period climb club
class work climb down club car
class-action suit climb on club soda
classes climb up clubfoot
classic clip joint cluster
classified ad clits clutch hitter


clutch pedal co-ed colored
clutter coerce coloring material
Clyde coexisted colt
coached coffee Columbus
coaching job coffee cappuccino combat casualty
coal coffee cup combat fatigue
coal industry coffee mug combat pilot
coal mine coffee shop combat zone
coast coffeecake combatant
coast guard coffer come apart
coaster coffin come back
coat cog come hell or high water
coat closet cohered come in
coat of arms coil come into being
coat of paint coin bank come of age
coat rack coin slot come out of the closet
coat tree coins come over
coating co-insured come together
coatroom cokehead come-along
cobweb cold cock comedies
cock cold cream come-on
cock-a-doodle-doo cold drink comet
cocked cold front comfort
cockfight cold pack comfort zone
cockroach cold sore comfortable
cockroaches cold spell comic
cocktail cold turkey comic book
cocktail dress cold type coming into court
cocktail lounge cold war coming together
cocoanuts cold weather command post
coconut cake Cole commenced
coconut water Coleman commend
cocoon coliseum comment
cocoon collaborate commerce
cocoons college commission
cod college boy commodore
COD collegiate common knowledge
code collide with common people
code of silence colonel common sense
codefendant color television commune


communion conceive confiscate
community service conceive of conflated
commuter train concentrate conflict
compact disk concentration conflict of interest
companion concept conform to
company concept art confront
company man conception confuse
company town concert confusing
company woman concert band congenital heart defect
compare concert hall congestion
compartment concerto congestive heart failure
compass concession congratulate
compassion concise congregate
compatible software concoct congress
compel concourse congressional
compete concrete congressman
competent concrete mixer congressmen
competition concurred conjugal visitation
compile condensate conjunction
compiler condition connect
complement condo connection
compliant condolences connector
composer condoms Connie
composition condone connotation
compost conduct conquer
comprehend conduction conquest
comptroller conductor cons
compute Coney conscribe
computer confederate consecrate
computer backup conference consent
computer crime confess conservation
computer error confessing conservative
computer science confession consideration
computer software confetti consign
computer virus confidence game consist
computerize confident consistent
comrade configuration consolidate
con artist confine conspiracy
con game confined conspire
conceal confirm constant


constitution convent corner post
constrain conversion factor cornered
consulting convicting corners
contactor conviction cornfield
contagious convince cornice
contain convolute cornmeal mush
contaminate cooking coronary failure
contemplate cooking apple coroner
contempt cooking utensil corpses
contempt of congress cookware correspond
contended cool correspondent
contention cool down corridor
contestant coolant corrupt
contiguous coolant system corrupted
contingency fee cooled corruption
contingent upon cooler corruptions
continue coon corsage
contort co-op Cortina
contorted coop in co-sign
contortion cooperate cosigner
contraception co-ordinate cosigns
contraceptive pill cop cost
contract co-partnership co-star
contract offer cope with cotter pin
contractor coping saw cotton candy
contradict copperhead cougar
contradiction in terms copy cough drop
contravening copy cat cough up
contribute coral reef counseling
contribution Corbin counsellor
contrition cordial count
control corduroy count off
control character core countdown
control experiment Corinne counter sue
control panel Corinne counterweight
control room cork countercharge
controlling interest corn beef counterclaim
convalesced corn bread counterfeited
convene corn oil countersink
convenience Cornelia counties


country crackdown cribbage
country club cracked cricket bat
country house cracker crime
country mile cracker box criminal
country music crafts master criminal negligence
countryman craftsmen criminal prosecution
countryside craftswoman cringed
countrywide crafty crinkle
county fair crane's bill crisp
county line crap critical analysis
coup crappy critical point
courage crapshoot criticize
courses crap-shooter crochet
court crash course crocheting
court of law crash dive crock
court order crate crocodile
courtesy crawl crook
courtesy craze croquet ball
courting creak cross country
court-martial creaking cross hair
Courtney create cross section
Courtney creating crosscheck
courtyard creative crosscut
cousin creator cross-dresser
cover creatures crossed
cover slip credit crossed eye
cover up credit application cross-examiner
covered bridge credit crunch crossing
covert creditworthy crossing over
cow creed crossover
coward creek crosswalk
cowboy boots creek bed crossway
cowgirl creeper crosswind
cowl cremate crossword
coyote creosote crouton
crab legs crepe crow
crack addict crewmate crowd
crack cocaine crewmen crowed
crack head crib crow's nest
crack shot crib death crucial


cruel cult cushion
cruelty cultivate custard
cruiserweight cultivated land custodies
crumpet cup of tea customary
crunch cupcakes customized
crush cupid customs bureau
crutch Cupid’s bow cut
cry curb cut corners
Crystal curd cut of beef
crystal ball cured cut to ribbon
cub curiosity cut up
Cuban curler cutesy
cubes curling iron cuts
cubic measure current cutter
cucumber currier cutthroat
cuddies curry cutting angle
cue curse cycling
cuffed cursive cyclist
cufflink curtail cyclone
culprit curve cylinder block