Asher's Online Reference & The Lottery Book Visions




A vision in Asher's online Reference and The Lottery Book is anything seen, touched, smelled, heard, tasted or sensed through extrasensory perception (ESP) expressed by a word or short word phrase of 40 characters or less.


4-Digit Number


Someone or something in your surroundings attracts your attention. Before you buy a ticket to lottery game that require a 4-digit number to win the jackpot such as Michigan Daily 4 check Asher's "A to Z" Visions. Find the closes vision then use Asher's Online Reference or The Lottery Book to get your 4-digit number.

Baba Bachelor of Arts back to school
babble bachelor party back to school
babbled bachelorette back tooth
babbling bachelor's degree back up
Babe back backache
babies back and forth backbend
babies' slippers back away backbiter
baboon back blast backbites
baby back brace backbitten
baby bird back breaker backboard
baby blue back burner backbone
baby blue-eyes back channel backbreaking
baby boom back country back-check
baby boomer back dive backcourt
baby buggy back door backdate
baby carriage back down backdoor
baby daddy back end backdrop
baby doctor back entrance backer
baby grand piano back exercise backfield
baby mama back fire backfill
baby oil back heel backfire
baby powder back joint backfires
baby proof back judge backflow
baby shoes back lashed backgammon
baby sitting back off background
baby talk back office background knowledge
baby tears back out background noise
baby tooth back pack background processing
baby-faced back plate backhand
Babylon back porch backhand stroke
baby's bed back room backhoe
baby's room back saw backlash
baby's tears back stage backlog
babysit back stair backpacking
babysitter back stairs backpedal
baby-walker back street backpressure
baccalaureate back stress backrest
baccarat back stroke backroom
bachelor back talk backsaw


backseat badass baking soda
backseat driver badge balance
backside badland balance of payments
backslapper bad-mannered balance of power
backslide badminton balanced diet
backspace badmouthed balancer
backspaced bad-tempered balcony
backspin baffle bald
backspins baffle board balderdash
backstop bag baldhead
backstroke bag lady bald-headed
backswing bag of tricks bale out
backsword bag of water Bali
back-to-back Bagdad balk line
backtrack bagel Balkan peninsula
backtracking baggage ball
backup file baggage cars ball and chain
backup man baggage men ball club
backup system bagman ball field
backward bagmen ball game
backwards bagpipe ball girl
backwash Bahamas ball hawk
backwoods bail ball of fire
backyard bail bond ball over
bacon bail out ball pen
bacon and eggs Bailey ballad
bacon rinds bait ballast
bacon-lettuce-tomato sandwiches bait and switch ballerina
bacteria baits ballet
bad bake ballet skirt
bad actor baked apple ballet slippers
bad block baked potato ballgame
bad blood baker ballistic
bad check baker's dozen balloon
bad egg Bakersfield ballot
bad luck bakery ballpark
bad manners baking ballparks
bad news baking chocolate ball-peen hammers
bad temper baking powder ballplayer
bad weather baking sheet ballpoint


ballroom dances bank guard barbecued ribs
balm bank identification number barbed wire
Balmorals bank loan barbells
balsa woods bank note barbells
Baltic language bank on barbeque
Baltimore bank shot barber
baluster bank statement barber chair
balusters bank withdrawal barbershop
Bamako banker Barbette
bamboo banking system bare
ban bankroll bare boat
banana bankrupt bare bone
banana breads bankruptcy bare head
banana republics banks bare-ass
banana skin banner bareback
banana trees banquet bare-breast
band banquet room barefaced
band oneself banquet rooms barefoot
band saw banshee barefooted
band together banter barehanded
bandage banzai bareheaded
band-aid baptism bare-knuckle
bandana baptize bare-naked
bandit baptize Barents Sea
bandits baptize barf
bandleader bar bargain
bandstand bar bit bargain hunter
bandwidth bar code barge
Bangalore bar girl Bari
banging bar room baritone
bang-up bar soap baritone horns
banish bar stool baritones
banishes Barany bark
banister barb barkeep
bank Barbara barkeeper
bank account Barbara Barletta
bank accounts barbarian barley candies
bank book barbecue barmaid
bank card barbecue pit barn
bank deposit barbecue sauce barn burners


barn dances basket weaver Bayou
barn door basketball bb shot
barnacle basketball courts be on cloud nine
Barney Basra beach
barnstorm bass beach erosion
barnstormer bass drum beach strawberry
baronet bass guitar beach towels
barrack bastard beachwear
barrel bat beady-eyed
barrel makers Bat Mitzvah beaming
barrel roll batch processing bean ball
barricade bath bean plant
barrier bath powder beanbag
barrister bath salt beanie
barroom bath towel bear cub
barrow bath water beardless
Barry bathhouse bearer
bars bathing suit bear's foot
Bart bathing trunks beat downs
bartender bathrobe beat in
barter Bathsheba beat up
Barton bathtub beater
base batsman beating
Base Exchange Batswana beatnik
base hit battalion beauty parlors
base level batter beauty sleep
base path battered beauty spot
base pay battering ram beaver board
baseball caps battery Beckett
baseball games battery charger beckon
baseball mitts battle bed
baseball teams battle creek bed bug
baseboard battle flag bed check
basement battle fleet bed cover
bash battle plan bed linen
basic battle-hardened bed of flowers
basic training baud bed plate
basics Bauhaus bed rest
basket case bawl out bed screw
basket catch Bayonne bedazzle


bedbug belittle bevel
bedbugs Bella beyond
bedding bell-bottom beyond a doubt
bedevil bellbottom trousers beyond control
Bedford bellow beyond measure
bedlam belly bias
Bedouin belly laugh bicycle
bedpan belly up bicycle-built-for-two
bedpost bellyache bid price
bedroom bellybutton Biden
beds belly-pinch big
bedstraw Belmont Big Apple
bedtime Belorussian big bucks
Beebe below the belt big cat
beef cattle belowground big chests
beefeater belt big eyes
beefy beltway big fish
beekeeping bench big hand
beep bench warmer big liar
beer barrels benchmark big money
beer can bend big tree
beer maker bend over backwards bigamist
beer mug Benedict bigamy
Beersheba benefit bigheaded
beeswax Benjamin bigmouth
beet benzene biker
beet sugar beret bi-level
before long beret bilge water
befriend Berries bill
beggar women Berry bill holder
begin berserk billfold
beginner Bert billiard room
beginners luck bestseller billiard table
beholder Bethany Billie
beige bets billing
Belgian shepherd Bette bills
Belgian waffle better bin
belief bettor bind off
believer Beulah bind over
Belinda Beulah binder


bingo blacks block off
biocide blade block out
bird watcher Blake block party
birdhouse blame block up
birthday blame game block vote
birthday card blank check blockbuster
birthday party blank out blog
birthday present blank slate blond
bisection blank space blood
bishop blank verse blood brother
bison blanket blood disease
bit map blare blood donor
bite plate blare out blood feud
biting blaspheme blood line
bitter blast off blood poisoning
bitter lemon blaze blood pressure
bivouac blaze away blood red
blab blaze up blood transfusion
blabber bleach blood-and-guts
black and white bleach out bloody hand
black belt bleed bloody Mary
black fly bleeding blossom
black forest bleep blot
black gold blended blotch
black lung blending blotted out
black magic blight blouse
black market blighter blow dryer
black music blind blow out
black powder blind alley blow over
black sheep blind man blowback
black snake blind man's buff blown-up
black tie blind pig blowout
black-and-blue blind spot blowup
black-and-tan blinder blub
blackballed blink blucher
blackballing blister blue devil
black-hair blistered blue fin
blackjack bloated blue jean
blacklist block diagram blue jeans
blackmail block grant blue orchid


blue sky body structure bootmaker
bluecoat body suit booth
blueprint body waste bootlace
bluff body-build bootstrap
bluffer bodybuilding boozed-up
bluffing bodyguard bore bit
bluffly body-surf borer
Blundell bog down borough
blunderer boggle boss
blurt boil Boston
blush boil over Boston baked beans
Boa boiler Boston Tea Party
boa constrictor boiling botched
boar bolo bots
board bolo knife bottle cap
board check bolt bottle collection
board game bolt down bottle feed
board meeting bombard bottle screw
board of appeals bonding bottled
board of directors boneheaded bottled gas
board of selectmen boner bottomed
board of trustee bones bottom-feeder
board-certified bonnet Bounce
boarder Bonsai bounce
boarding boo bounce back
boarding school booby bounty
boardinghouse book holder bout
boardroom bookcase bowel
boardwalk booked bowl
boat paddle booking bowling alley
boat race bookkeeper bowling ball
bob sledding bookmark box number
bobbin bookmobile box seat
bobby bookseller boxed-in
bobby sock bookstore boxer
body bag bookwork boxing match
body hair boom Boyce
body process boom out boycott
body shield boomerang boyhood
body snatcher boost bozo


bracelet Brenda Bryant
bracket out Brendon Bryce
brain disorder Brett BTU
brain doctor brew bubble wrap
brain wash brewage bubblegum
brains brewer bubbling
brainwave Briana Buber
brake lining Brianna bucking
brakes bricks and mortar bucks
bran muffin bridal gown Buckshee
branch out bridge buck-toothed
brand bridge hand buckwheat cake
brand iron bridge player Buddleia
Brandi Bridgette buddy
brandy wine bright budget
Brant Brigitte budget cut
bray bring around budget item
breach of warranty bring down buffalo
breadbox bring forth buffing wheel
breadwinner Britt Buffy
break into Brittney bug light
break loose broadcast bugaboo
break of the day broadcast station Buganda
break open broiling bugger
break through broke buggy whip
break wind broken in bugle horn
breakaway broken-down bugler
breaker brokerage house build on
breaking away Bronwyn build upon
breaking ball brook builders of America
breakup brotherhood building code
breastplate browbeat building permit
breathe brown build-up
breather bruiser bulk
Breathes Bruno bull runs
breathing apparatus brush Bulla
breathing machine brush off bulldozer
breathing place brushfire bullet hole
breathing room brute bulletin
breech Bryan bulletproof


bullfighting bureaucrat busyness
bullhorn burette butcher
bullish burgeon butchered
bullterrier burger butchery
bully burgundy wine butt
bullying burial butted
Bulow burial chamber butter
bulrush burial garment butter fat
bum burling buttercup
bum about Burma butterflies
bum barge burn Butterwort
bumper burn up button
bumper guard burner button hole
bumper jack burnt buttonhook
bumper-to-bumper burrow buy back
bum's rush burst buy food
bun burthen buy in
bun fight bus buy into
bunch bus station buy time
bunch up bus terminal Buzz
bundle up bus ticket buzz cuts
bungee business card buzzer
bunk business cycle buzzing
bunker business leader by name
bunkmate business line by the way
bunkroom business suit bygone
Bunsen’s burner businessman bylaws
bunt bussing bypass
Bunyan bust by-passage
buoy bustle by-path
burden bustling Byrd
burden of proof busty byte