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VISION a method foreigners and prisoners are using to win millions of US dollars in lotteries and casino games



What is VISION?


It’s a method discovered during the illegal gambling game known as the “Street Lottery” aka “Numbers Racket” aka “The Italian Lottery” aka the Daily Number that used dreams to find winning numbers.  The use of VISION became less known when the “Street Lottery was over shadowed by LEGAL state lotteries. Those opposing the illegal Street Lottery claimed that it was destroying poor and working class neighborhoods in the United States by encouraging them to spend money they could ill afford to lose.  


In the Street lottery a bettor could spend as little a penny on a 3-digit number “straight ticket” whereas in the state lottery the same bettor must spend at least a dollar for the same 3-digit number “straight ticket”.  The 100 percent increase in spending for the poor and working class may be the cause the method “VISION” is less known.


If lotteries are just for the poor and working class then why did CNN report in 2017 that U.S. residents spent about $73.5 billion on lottery tickets?  In an Internet article “We spend billions on lottery tickets. Here’s where all that money goes” approximately 370 million lottery tickets were sold between Saturday and Tuesday before the Mega Millions drawing. The average American spends about $223.04 per year on lottery.


Do you trust your VISION or the government?  Just a thought!


Monday, Jul 13, 2020
Michigan Daily 4 Midday 1394 Laverna $5000
Michigan Daily 4 Evening 2875 mispronouncing $5000

Rebecca’s Vision is from the book of Asher

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