To become an ONISAC CLUB member you must agree to all as set forth in this membership agreement.

Onisac Club herein referred to as the Club is an entity of Onisac LLC, hereinafter referred to as “ONS”.  The Club membership is displayed on the website ONISAC NUMBERS.  

The Club is a social platform. Its purpose is to bring together people with a common interest in innovative programs and special offers such online lottery references, online lottery pools and the lottery and casino numbers finding a method known as “4 VISIONS”.




Objectives of the Club are:

2.1. To enable members to join online lottery pools that purchase lottery tickets from Michigan Lottery and share lottery prizes and other offers with lottery pool participants having the winning lottery number or numbers.
2.2. To promote the Club objectives on its website, Onisac Numbers located at https://onisac.org.




The Club shall be empowered to do all things necessary which are incidental to and necessary for the attainment of each and all of its objectives.




Money gained through the Club’s membership fees and donations shall apply towards day-to-day operating costs of the Club’s, the Club’s overhead costs, its marketing costs, and money distributed for charitable purposes.




5.1. Acquire, hold, deal with, and dispose of any real or personal property designated for the Club.

5.2. Open and operate bank accounts.

5.3. Invest its money:

(i). in any security in which trust moneys may be invested

(ii). in any other manner authorized by ONS

5.1. To borrow money upon such terms and conditions as ONS thinks fit;

5.2. To give such security for the discharge of liabilities incurred by ONS as ONS thinks fit;

5.3. To appoint agents and employees to transact any business of the Club on its behalf of rewards or otherwise;

5.4. To build, construct, erect, maintain, alter and repair any premises building or other structure of any kind and to furnish equip and improve the same for use by ONS and the Club.

5.5. Accept donations and gifts in accordance with the objectives of ONS and the Club.

5.6. Print and publish any information by any media including newsletters, newspapers, articles, books or leaflets for promotion of the Club and ONS.

5.7. Provide gifts and prizes in accordance with the objectives of the Club.

5.8. Organize social events for members and the promotion of the Club.

5.9. To enter into any other contract the Club considers necessary or desirable.




6.1 The Club membership shall be open to any person 18 years of age or older that abide by the Club’s rules.

6.2. Any person seeking membership in the Club may be asked to accept the Club’s rules and other provisions including access to Michigan Lottery games, access to the Club’s lottery pools, access to “4 VISIONS”, and to take part in innovative programs and special offers.

6.3. Each person admitted to the Club shall be:

6.3.1. Bound by the Club’s rules.

6.3.2. Liable for such fees, assignments, special offers, and subscriptions as may be fixed by the Club.

6.3.3. Entitled to all advantages and privileges of the Club’s membership.


A person or team desirous of becoming an associate member of the Club must be approved and shall abide with the Club rules. Such approval shall be lodged with the Club on or before a date as determined by the Club or its designee.

6.5.1. The Club or its designee shall maintain an up to date register of associates and members of the Club.




7.1. Members and associates of the Club shall take part in the following:

  1. The Award Lottery pool
  2. In-Store Only Lottery Pools
  3. Internet Lottery Pools




8.1. Any membership of the Club may be terminated by the following events:

8.1.1 Resignation

8.1.2 Expulsion

8.1.3 By the Club or its designee(s) for any reason at any time with or without notice.

8.2. The Club or its designee shall have the power to suspend or expel any member, group, or affiliate for the following:

8.2.1. Any of the events in Item 8.1

8.2.2. False or inaccurate statements made in the member’s approval for membership in the Club.

8.2.3. Breach of any state or federal regulation or the Club’s rules and

8.2.4. By any act detrimental to the Club. (After having undertaken due inquiry)

8.3. Any member who is expelled, suspended or has their membership terminated, shall have the right to appeal against their suspension or expulsion by presenting their case in writing to the Club, and the decision of the Club shall be final.




9.1. The Club’s management shall carry out the day-to-day running of the Club’s network and shall have the power to:

9.1.1. Administer the finances, appoint bankers, and direct the opening of banking accounts for specific purposes and to transfer funds from one account to another, and to close any such account;

9.1.2. Fix the manner in which such banking accounts shall be operated upon, providing the Club management passes all payments;

9.1.3. Fix fees and subscriptions payable by the Club’s members and to decide such levies, fines and charges as is deemed necessary and advisable, and to enforce payment thereof;

9.1.4. Adjudicate on all matters brought before it which in any way affect Club membership and its members.

  1. 9.1.5: May at its discretion employ a person or persons to carry out certain duties required by the Club at a salary or remuneration for such period of time as may be deemed necessary for the management.



10.1: All funds of the Club shall be deposited into Onisac LLC account at such bank or recognized financial institution as ONS or the Club may determine.

10.2: All accounts due to the Club shall be paid after having been passed for payment and when immediate payment is necessary, accounts shall be paid and the action endorsed.

10.3: The signatories to the Club’s account shall be Onisac LLC’s owner or designee.




11.1. If, on the winding up of ONS or the Club, and any property remains after satisfaction of the debts and liabilities of ONS and the Club, the costs, charges and expenses of that winding up, that property shall belong to Onisac LLC’s owner.

Revised: August 27, 2020