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The Onisac Club is a community for intuitive like-minded people. We provide a mechanism, lottery reference, and platform for you to use to find, manipulate, and intuitively select lottery numbers for lottery prizes.


When you join the Onisac Club you are assigned a 4-digit number for OC's Michigan Daily 4 lottery award pool.  You are also assigned five white ball numbers, and one gold ball number for OC's Michigan Mega Millions award lottery pool. If your membership dues are paid up to date  you are entered into each lottery pool at the end of the month.


You may enter OC's Michigan Daily 4 and Michigan Mega Millions Open lottery pools. These pools require a fee to enter.


OC Promoter contract:  An OC promoter contract offers OC members an opportunity to earn money.  You must be qualified to receive an OC promoter contract.

Gifted OC members:  Special offerings are made available  for OC members that feel in their lucky zone and would like OC help in finding 4-digit numbers and learning how to use them to form Mega Millions, Powerball, Fantasy 5, or Lotto 47 numbers.



The strength, duration and success of the Onisac  Club lies with its members.  Membership dues account only for a portion of overhead costs.  Every member is asked to contribute and to reach out to others for donations. 


The Onisac Club having a responsibility to support causes beyond that of it joins others in support of the Vocational Institute of Michigan (VIM), an IRS 501.c.3, nonprofit, education center founded by a US Army Corps of Engineers Afro-American veteran. 

The Onisac Club (known as The OC) offers members access to:


OC’s Online Lottery Book


    • Visions to 4-digit number
    • 4-digit number to visions


OC’s 4-Visions


    • OC’s method of using 4-digit numbers to find numbers for casino and lottery games


Mary’s mind exercise


    • Daily experience in using intuitive thought to find winning numbers in surrounding and past, present, and current events


OC Award lottery pools


    • Michigan Daily 4 evening
    • Michigan Mega Millions


OC Open lottery pools


    • Michigan Daily 4 evening
    • Michigan Mega Millions


Promoter’s program


    • New promoter
    • Junior promoter
    • Senior promoter


Asher’s Support


    • Special assistance in finding numbers in the surroundings and from past, present and future events


Asher's Help


    • Opportunity to give back


Online access to Michigan Lottery


    • Purchase lottery tickets online directly from Michigan Lottery