Onisac Club (OC) is sponsored by Onisac LLC, a registered affiliate of Michigan Lottery that is bound to abide by the state of Michigan and US federal laws.  


The Onisac Clubs designates five gurus, Asher, Ventura, Madoc, Halona and Laskshmi to oversee lottery pools under their brand name.  Each of these entities oversees lottery pools for the state of Michigan lottery games offered on the Michigan Lottery website.


Each guru oversees 25 mega millions lottery pools that are labeled from A to Y. Each mega millions lottery pool has 10 participants (members).


Mega Millions lottery award pools are special pools for Onisac Club paid members. Each of the five lottery gurus, Asher, Ventura, Madoc, Halona, and Laskshmi oversees its own lottery pools for Onisac Club paid members.  When a person becomes an Onisac Club member he or she is assigned to one of the five gurus’ mega millions of lottery pools and is assigned an ID number and a mega millions of numbers.  The mega millions of lottery numbers is one of 10 lottery numbers in the pool.


Share Lottery Prizes


Prizes won in a lottery pool are divided among the 10 lottery club members in that pool whose membership is in good standing, and the OC management. Good standing means paid-up membership dues as required for a share in the award mega millions lottery pool.  Lottery pool participants must have a payment processor lottery account such as PayPal to pay membership fees. A minimum of one month in US dollars must be available to OC to be eligible for the Mega Millions lottery award pool. That amount and any other requirement posted must be maintained before entering the lottery pool. The OC determines its rules of operation, including distribution of prize monies to members. Before a prize can be claimed OC must submit its employer Identification Number (EIN) to Michigan Lottery.  


Onisac Club Membership Agreement


Level Price  
Onisac Club Membership $50.00 per Month. Select
AOR User Free. Select

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