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We share in the belief that it’s better to have good health, fortitude and a million friends, than it is to have a billion dollars. 

Share a few moments of your time to tell others how to use Asher Online Reference or the Lottery Book.  How using the power of “4 Visions in finding numbers can help them to better cope with life, mentally and physically. When they are able to fully appreciate using these references as much as you do winning the lottery, success is inevitable! 


Onisac Club’s offers viable programs such as “4 Visions”, lottery pools, The Lottery Book sold by retailers, and other special programs meant to open up vast new horizons of unlimited possibilities. Connecting members through its social network strengthens the web spun around the globe. 

Often decisions in life must be made quickly, especially for those who frequent the casino, the racetrack, and lottery retailers. Rarely is a great deal of time taken in making decisions.  This is why our strategically created “4 Visions” allow members to take advantage of innate senses, gut feelings and their surroundings to find winning numbers.  

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  • Buy Michigan lottery tickets online on this website
  • Join 3-Digit and 4-digit lottery pools
  • Keep abreast with how our fans pick winning lottery numbers
  • Earn money showing others how to find and select lottery numbers
  • Increase website traffic through linking with us
  • Become a people person
  • Use your cell phone to earn and win money.
  • Reach out to others

Support the Vocational Institute of Michigan in job training and skilled trade certifications

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