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Of all Onisac Club’s values, honor is the one that embodies all the others. It is a matter of carrying out, acting, and living the values of respect, duty, loyalty, selfless service, integrity and personal courage in everything you do when and wherever you are.


Show honor by recognizing the outstanding contributions made by others. Always do the honorable thing even when no one is around to witness it. 

Strive to do the right thing at all times.  Without honor, it becomes difficult to count on someone to do the right thing unless they are watched all the time. 

When you are views as being honorable people trust your deeds and intentions. 

Honor is critical to the success of the Onisac Club and its mission. 

Honor defines who you are as a person. It serves as a guiding light for your growth and character.

We honor those who gave us the historical site of the Progressive Power Plant Engineers (PPPE) shown above. 

This Michigan location, the site where the PPPE was headquartered, the founder of The Vocational Institute of Michigan once lived, and once the residence of the founder of the Society of Facility Engineers. 

Now left in the care of residents in their eighties to restore and preserve.  


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Historical Site

The Michigan residence cited by the Onisac club as an historical site is where the Progressive Power Plant Engineers (PPPE) association started in mid nineteen fifties.

The PPPE was perhaps the only organizations of its kind that advocated equality in the building operations and maintenance for minorities, especially Afro-Americans and women during its existence.      


It is where the founder of the Vocational Institute of Michigan (VIM) once lived.

The Society of Facility Engineers started by the son of VIM still calls this location its refuge.  The granddaughter of the founder of VIM oversees “Give Your Support to Us”(GYSTS) a low-profit limited liability companies for raising funds to support education and charitable causes on behalf of VIM. 

Little is known about these unsung American Afro-American heroes perhaps because there has been little media coverage and no private or public funding since the PPPE was started over 60 years ago. 


Onisac Club


Our aim is to raise money to restore and preserve the Onisac Club's historical site, and to keep the Vocational Institute of Michigan and the Society of Facility Engineers programs available, accessible, and affordable to all applicants, worldwide.   

For those who give generously from the heart to help restore and preserve our rustic residential appearing site we’ll be forever indebted.  Your deeds will remain forever in the members of the Onisac Club and the Vocational Institute of Michigan.

Onisac Club


VIM in collaboratively working with the Society of Facility Engineers (SOFES) and others continue to provide job training, oversee job placement, and to support those interested in building operations and maintenance work.  

The Society of Facility Engineers (SOFES) an organization that recognizes and certifies persons with general maintenance experiences stand with VIM in recognition of the above historical site and the furthering of the efforts of the PPPE. 

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Restoration Donation

Select a donation level or send your billions to:

Administration: Drew A. Johnson, President

Vocational Institute of Michigan

22200 W. 11 mile Rd, Unit 501

Southfield, Michigan 48037


Vocational Institute of Michigan

Historical Site

Attention: Drew A. Johnson

2733 Webb Street 

Detroit, Michigan 48206

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Restore and Preserve VIM