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Sophia is a senior citizen, a widow without a pension, and medical coverage. She buys lottery tickets in hopes of winning enough money for badly needed home repairs. She barely has enough money to put food on the table and panic when taxes come due. Sophia feels her only hope in finding the money to keep her home out of foreclosure and collapsing upon her is a large lottery win.  


She has bought lottery tickets for the past two decades yet has never won over $500.  The thought of having to win thousands of dollars makes her feel anxious and stressed.  She worries that if she quit buying lottery tickets she may never have the money for home repairs.  Having no confidence in the way she selects lottery numbers worries her. Adding to her dilemma is that she does not know if she’ll ever find someone or something that’ll give her the best chance at winning. She wants to continue to buy lottery tickets, but must first regain her confidence.  She is looking for guidance but hasn’t found a source to help her.

Sophia's Dilemma


Sophia feels anxious and stressed in losing confidence in selecting numbers for lottery tickets.  She is unhappy, unfulfilled, and has considered not buying another lottery ticket.

Losing confidence in the ability to select winning lottery numbers has made Sophia afraid to buy a lottery ticket. She’s afraid she’ll fail as she done over the past several years. Picking numbers that come close but are never winners won’t help her pay for home repairs. She’s a widowed senior citizen, not a wizard! She isn’t sure if she’ll ever pick the winning number that’ll pay enough, which is scary because she likes the lottery, especially Powerball and Mega Millions.


Constant stress and anxiety has caused Sophia to take a lot longer than it should to regain her confidence to buy lottery tickets, leaving her in a dilemma where she is unhappy

Confidence in Buying Lottery Tickets


4-Visions gives Sophia a step-by-step method for finding 4-digit numbers for lottery games like Michigan Daily 4, Powerball, and Mega Millions.  Selecting numbers for the lottery that have the best chance is no longer mysterious. It now seems achievable. 4-Visions gives her a way to use her natural abilities to select a number for lottery tickets, so she has peace of mind knowing she has a better chance at selecting winning lottery tickets.


Using gut feelings, the method is known as 4-Visions, and examples of how the 4-Visions have led to winning Powerball jackpot numbers have given Sophia the confidence and courage to set up a daily routine for finding 4-digit numbers.


Sophia now has a method, and a plan to find and select winning 4-digit lottery numbers—a better lifestyle (more time to take care of herself and family); a method that allows her to rely on gut feelings and her senses to regain confidence in buying lottery tickets