The Power of the Cell Phone

Cell phones have made it possible for people around the world to connect with Onisac Numbers.

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Not American!

An American

You don’t have to be an American to win, but you do have to be able to COLLECT.

Get in the game and win or earn your share of more than $300 billion changing hands every year.

WHEREVER you are use your cell phone to get in the game.  Use Onisac Numbers to help you win a share of $300 billion US.

  • A Baghdad resident purchased tickets online and won $6.4 million US dollars.
  • A woman from Panama Wins $30 Million
  • El Salvador Pensioner Wins $1 Million in Powerball
  • The list of big winners goes on and on.



Lucky for life

$1000 US a DAY for LIFE

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The cost of being able to win, enjoy, and share a $1000 a day in "Lucky for Life" with your family and friends is less than the cost of most life insurance policies.

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Coming to America

Become an OC Distributor

Earn money as an international independent Distributor of Onisac Numbers products. Give yourself a chance to earn up to 6 figures a month in US dollars.

You don't need an a great credit score, perfect driver's license or have any special talents or skills, just have access to a mobile device and be willing to help the Onisac Club fulfill its mission.

You may have to obtain a visa to attend corporate meetings, training and to work in America or to.



US Visa Employment-Based Preferences Skilled Workers.

The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) provides immigrant visas each fiscal year for persons from the following countries:

Africa63,800Egypt 13,000
Asia30,000Iran 8,500
Nepal 4,800
Bahamas 10
So. Amer. & Caribbean1,300