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Even if you don’t live in the state of Michigan, the USA or a free world country you can win a multi-million jackpot.   


Winning a Powerball or Mega Millions jackpot may mean little if you have enough money to hoard or misuse.  If you are amongst the millions around the globe winning 2.4 billion US dollars can enable you and your love ones to live in luxury almost anywhere around the globe for the rest of your lives.

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 Global Alert

Even though Onisac Club is registered with the state of Michigan to oversee legally operated lottery pools in the state of Michigan some online payment gateways and lending institutions place a high risk on making lottery transactions online.  


For your convenience and security we suggest using a prepaid card or some other less risky method when paying membership dues, supporting the Onisac Club, and taking part in the Onisac Club's win and earn programs.

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Global Refuge

Send your contributions any amount to:

Onisac Club

    • Restoration and Preservation
    • 2733 Webb Street
    • Detroit, Michigan 48206

Note: To avoid irritating inconvenience use a prepaid card and Paypal (or your preferred method) to give to the Onisac Club.