Onisac Club

Don’t have a place to call home, address to use for personal and business information, a refuge to escape boredom, stress, anxiety, depression, or to share your thoughts?   How about the rustic residential location in Michigan shown above.


While you frequent your home away from try Onisac Numbers “4-digit Strategy. Change your life. Don’t let others steal your joy.

OC 4-digit number strategies are not just for Onisac Club members in the US and Canada they are for anyone that dream of winning BIG in the lottery, at the casino and at the racetrack.    

Visions and dreams created the world as you see it today and can make it a better world for you if you believe dreams can come true. 

If you are where obtaining, maintaining and enjoying the gifts of your visions and dreams are difficult to receive for any reason join us and let the Onisac Club be your refuge.


Onisac Numbers

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Restoration and Preservation

Onisac Club


Donate from your heart.

Help restore and preserve the Onisac Club.

Save this refuge for those in need of keeping visions and dreams alive. 

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Physical Address

The Vocational Institute of Michigan oversees the restoration and preservation of Onisac Clubs' Michigan address. 

Donations of $10 or more a month will help keep this Michigan address available.


  • Business address in Michigan
  • Registered agent for business in Michigan
  • Physical building address
  • No Third Party -We Operate Our Own Facility
  • International Shipping of Onisac Club products
  • Payment gateway
  • Cancel Anytime


Donate to the Vocational Institute of Michigan

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