Earn Money


Earning money promoting OC products is not a get rich quick scheme. It’s not a too good to be true handout.  It’s a job.


Earn money is a uniquely structured program intended for Onisac Club (OC) members with the desire to earn money for themselves as an OC promoter and to generate revenue for the furtherance of the Onisac club. 


An OC member given the opportunity under an OC promoter Agreement to earn extra money agrees to act as independent contractor and to use legal methods for promoting and distributing OC products and services as allowed by local, state, provincial, and federal law.



Use a cell phone or your choice of internet connector wherever you are


OC Membership


A Onisac Club (OC) promoter must be an OC member in good standing, that is, dues must be paid up for three consecutive months and must own the Lottery Book.


The OC member applying to become a promoter must agree to the terms set forth in the OC promoter agreement and agree to pay a $50 US non-refundable fee.


A $75 US membership monthly dues is required (dues may be subtracted from monthly revenue).


If accepted the OC member must complete monthly contracts for a period of one year to be classified as a new OC promoter.  


If the monthly contracts are not completed in the one year assigned period then the OC member will have to get approval to extend the project or wait 6 months to reapply under a new OC promoter agreement and pay a $50 US non-refundable fee.

OC Monthly Contract


OC lets out monthly three levels of OC promoter’s contracts, (1) new OC Promoter, (2) Junior Promoter, and (3) Senior Promoter.


An OC member must meet the eligibility for the promoter level to receive a promoter monthly contract.  


The items in the deliverables in each promoter’s monthly contract are:


    • OC Dues
    • 4-digit Pool
    • MM Pool
    • The Lottery Book
    • Promoter


Each month OC promoters at all levels must meet the number and type of items in the deliverables of the OC promoter monthly contract.


Example of Potential Promoter earnings per monthly contract



OC Promoter contacts are subject to change at the discretion of the Onisac Club.

The Onisac Club

OC Membership
The Onisac Club is an exclusive organization for those who believe in second sense or sixth sense. It is an onsite social platform that can be accessed by cellular, desktop, laptop, or other internet connecting device.
Price: $ 30.00
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