This website was created for social networking and sharing of information.   Our main focus is to raise money in support of building operators and maintenance workers training programs. Program vitally needed to maintain safer, more secure, and comfortable buildings.

The Vocational Institute of Michigan a nonprofit 501c3 is one of the recipients of our fundraising. It offers building operations and building maintenance training programs through internships.  The Society of Facility Engineers another recipient is an advocate for building maintenance workers.  It issues skilled trade certifications to persons that have a minimum of 500 working hours on the job.

The Onisac Club as an affiliate with state lottery commissions and others raises funds for charitable purposes.  The club was formed in remembrance of my combat engineer units, forgotten veterans who answered the call for Operation White Star and the Berlin Crisis.  Many of these honorable veterans have yet to be compensated for injuries due to records being sealed for 50 years, and other restrictive measures.  Our promise is to encourage people to honor these forgotten veterans by helping to raise money for social economic purposes.

Trained and certified building maintenance workers keep building safer, more secure, and comfortable.  Out of the more than 3 million unfilled skilled trade jobs across America many are for building operators and maintenance works.

Onisac Club

We honor and thank US veterans by bringing people around the globe together to support social economic causes: 

    • shelter for homeless veterans
    • public facilities deferred maintenance backlog
    • home repairs for veteran and senior citizen homeowners
We partnered with "Michigan Lottery" to raise money:

  • to support shelters for homeless veterans
  • to eliminate maintenance backlog
  • to assist veteran and senior citizen homeowners with home repairs


Rapa House

Special Tribute to the Rodgers


The author, Steve as a jazz flute player felt it honorable to gives special praise to musicians in jazz, blues, and classical music who he had an opportunity to perform with or listen to in America and abroad. 

A very special congratulation must be given to Virgil Rodgers, trumpet, and his late, great brother, Ernie Rodgers, wind instrument master. Both have been close friends since childhood.

The Rodgers are the founders of the Rapa House, once located at 96 E. Vernor, Highway near Woodward Avenue in Detroit Michigan. Virgil also foundered Rapa House West in California.

Both Rapa Houses were well-known after-hours sit-ins for amateur and professional musicians.