Who was Rebecca of Georgia?

Perhaps to some, nobody of importance, but to those of us who really knew her she made us understand how to survive with little or no education.  In spite of the heavy burden she carried being an Afro-American woman, she lifted up those around her throughout her five scores on Earth.  Without knowing her this website would not have been possible.

Everyone, especially minority women have a unique story but few live more than five scores to tell it. 

It is to Rebecca, our grandmother that we are able to have the mindset to share innovative programs and special offers with the world. Rebecca, an Afro-Native-American descendant, born in Georgia in the 1850s after becoming a Cherokee bride fled to Michigan to avoid Georgia’s miscegenation laws. Her heavy burden began when she learned her husband was murdered in Sault Saint Marie guarding German prisoners at Camp Raco during World War II.


The spirit she left in us was not borne from having to flee Georgia; fear of slave patrols chasing after them; the unsolved murder of her husband; nor the US Government refusal to compensate her for his death.  

She left us her gift of insight and tolerance of living in America.  After his death Rebecca was left alone with, Mittie Belle, our mother without work skills, to struggle for survival. Her quest for life, frequent winning in the Street Lottery, and solitude helped her to endure. 

We can’t bring Rebecca back, nor erase the ills of America’s past, but we are able to pass on her fortitude, intuition, and hope in changing life through the postings on this website.

Rebecca’ Bequest

Give something.   To build a better world where all are treated as human beings starts with those with the least economic means giving whatever they feel just.