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Your visions and dreams often are trying to help you solve something in your life.

Maybe you need to socialize with others, take more risks, escape boredom, cope better with stress, or to find a way to earn extra money.   

Take a few minutes to reflect on your dream.  


If your dream included numbers use ON 4-digit strategy to turn your numbers into word found in ON Glossary or Onisac Ten Visions reference.    

If your dreams aren’t about numbers use ON Glossary to relate them to a word or word phrase in Onisac Ten Visions. 

Don’t be suppressed to find what you see is the answer to your needs.

Note the ON glossary and the words in Onisac Ten Visions reference are in the English language.

Regardless of the language use speak you must enter the word or word phrase in the English language as seen in the ON glossary to use Onisac Numbers 4-digit strategy effectively.


Onisac Numbers




Vision It or Dream It

The saying,

“if you can vision or dream it you can achieve it”.

This saying is as old as the human race and probably as universal as numbers are to the Universe, regardless of the world, country or language spoken. 

The ten 3-digit references found in Onisac Ten Visions are all based on that saying.

Three digit references (dream books) found in Onisac Ten Visions were included for those who prefer 3-digit numbers over 4-digit numbers.  

Onisac Numbers



Winning The Jackpot

What is all the fuss about visions and dreams?   History has proven, if you can vision or dream it you can achieve it. 

Note the odds at winning jackpot in the draw games seen in the table.


The odds of the games in the above table are the same at each new drawing. 

If you decide to wait on your pet number to win a Mega Millions or a Powerball jackpot be prepared to wait over 100,000 years. 

To win a Daily 3 at odds of 1 in 1000 you may have to wait at least 2.7 years.

Don’t panic or be dismayed. 

You can turn a vision or dream into to a Mega Millions or Daily 3 winning jackpot number in minutes using Onisac Numbers 4-digit strategy and Onisac Ten Visions reference. 

Thanks for dreams, visions, 4-digit strategy and onisac numbers 100,000 years is a long time to wait.


Find a 3-Digit Reference

The 3-Digit references, Al’s Visions, Belle’s Visions, Bill’s Visions, Eve’s Visions, Jim’s Visions, Joey’s Visions, Lea’s Visions, Meg’s Visions, Sam’s Visions, and Sass’ Visions are sold only on special request at a cost of $25.00 US.   


Onisac Club members have free access to these references.  Access for all others is $2,00 US.




Regional 3-Digit Numbers

The three digit lottery jackpot number is perhaps the most favorite of all the lottery draw game numbers.

Onisac Ten Visions' regions each has its own 3-digit reference.

Note: The vision for the 3-digit number "100" is different for each region.

Onisac Numbers


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Onisac Numbers